Pre-arrival Checklist

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Pre-arrival Checklist

As you are preparing to move to Beirut, please make sure you go through this alphabetized pre-arrival checklist. Please note that the checklist is a guide to facilitate the pre-arrival process and is not meant to be a chronological roadmap.Additional tips about and advice related to moving in to your new accommodation can be found in the FAQ page on this webpage. In fact, the FAQ list is your first go to for  advice about bed linen sizes to information about taking the Arabic courses.    

                                                                                           New Faculty in FAS at the table
                                                                                           with FAFS Dean Rabi Mohtar                 

Full information on AUB policies and procedures is found in the following two resources:

1) Faculty Manual (under Policies and Procedures)
2) New Faculty Information Handbook​​ (under Human Resources)
Some information from these sources is used or referred to in this section.