Natural History Museum

​​​​Our Collection

These unique resources for scientific research and education are the only collections that represent the biodiversity of our area. We are working to make these more accessible for research and teaching, and to expand on a regular basis in order to accurately reflect the region's faunal and floral life.

Mission Statement

The mission of the AUBNHM is to play an important scientific, educational and environmental role by enhancing, through its activities and exhibitions, the public awareness, understanding and appreciation of the natural environment. It strives to serve, through its valuable plant and animal collections, as a leading center and promoter of scientific studies of regional fauna and flora, biological diversity, biogeography and conservation within Lebanon and the Middle East. The Museum’s curators and scientists will, together with regional and international collaborations, provide consultation and expertise and facilitate research opportunities at the graduate, undergraduate and other professional levels.

​Welcome to the Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum at AUB  holds scientifically priceless collections of specimens of the animals and plants of Lebanon and the region. For many years, these collections have been under the care of the Biology Department which has managed to curate and maintain them.

The Biology building
The American Un​iversity of Beirut
Beirut, Lebanon.
Telephone: +9611350000
Extension: 3890

Visitors are kindly requested to contact ahead to check arrangements.