Nuwayhid urges a new approach to public health

“The model of public health that we know and is most established globally does not provide the tools we need to engage with public health issues in the context of uncertainty, political instability, and corrupt or failing governments and states,” said AUB Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS) Dean Iman Nuwayhid in his keynote address at the ACCESS 8th Arab Health Summit in Washington DC on September 17.  

Nuwayhid noted that for national and regional efforts to improve health to be sustained, public health professionals should address the political determinants of health issues of inclusion (social identity) in addition to the social determinants. Public health professionals should listen to the victims of multiple violence, “those who are marginalized, stereotyped, and not listened to.” He said that he is proud that his colleagues at FHS are addressing sensitive health issues at the domestic, regional, and global levels using a political lens. 

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