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Dear Participants in the 2012 Organic Competition,

The registration for the 2012 Organic Competition is closed. 62 teams (2 participants per team) registered for the competition. The contestants come from seven universities across Lebanon (American University of Beirut, Lebanese American University, Lebanese University, University De Saint Joseph, Beirut Arab University, Balamand University, Lebanese International University), and 4 universities from across the MENA region (Bilkent University (Turkey), Sultan Qaboos University (Saltanat Oman), American University of Sharjah (United Arab Emirates), and Razi University (Iran)).

The competition will be formed of 18 multiple-choice questions with 4-6 possible choices. The questions will cover the following material:

1.      Acidity and Basicity

2.      Alkanes & Cycloalkanes

3.      Conformations of Alkanes & Cycloalkanes

4.      Stereochemistry

5.      Alcohols & Alkyl Halides. Nucleophilic Substitution

6.      Structure & Preparation of Alkenes: Elimination Reactions

7.      Reactions of Alkenes: Addition reactions

8.      Alkynes and their reactions

9.      Conjugation in Alkadienes & Allylic Systems

10.  Arenes and Aromaticity

11.  Reactions of Arenes: Electrophilic & Nucleophilic Aromatic Substitutions

12.  Spectroscopy

13.  Organomettalic Compounds

14.  Alcohols, diols, and thiols

15.  Ethers, Epoxides, and sulfides

16.  Aldehydes and ketones

17.  Carboxylic acids

18.  Carboxylic acid and derivatives

19.  Enols and enolates

20.  Amines

21.  Phenols

Students will be competing using “clickers”. You may watch the video of last year’s competition on Youtube at:

The competition will take place at 3:00 PM on Tuesday, Feb 7, 2012. Please note that we will have a Demo session for the competition on Monday, Feb 6 at 2:00 PM. The attendance of the Demo session is MANDADORY. If you skip the Demo session, you will NOT be allowed to participate in the competition.

Teams traveling from outside Lebanon should arrange to arrive to Beirut by Monday, Feb 6, 2012 in the morning while they can schedule their return flight as of Feb 8th. Kindly, send me the flight information of the traveling people and we will arrange for your pick up from the airport. Should students from outside Lebanon need support letters to obtain visas to visit Lebanon, let me know.

You may follow us on Facebook at: http://www.facebook​.com/OrganicCompetition 

Looking forward to meeting you all on Feb 6th and 7th!


B. R. Kaafarani

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