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​1. General Rules and Conditions of CNRS 

a. The Council does not support research projects that rely on statistical studies or on the building of databases, or scanning and monitoring of natural changes, as these lie within the responsibilities of public institutions and Council Centers.

b. The Council does not support research projects presented by researchers who work in specialized institutions in the public and private sectors in instances where scientific research constitutes the main task in this institution's work. This rule does not apply to universities in Lebanon.

2. Conditions for Applying for a New Project 

The Council's concept of equal opportunity among researchers willing to present new project proposals allows for competition in accordance with equal time frames. This enables the Council to choose the projects that best suit its priorities.

It supports research projects for a period of one to three years. Requests for renewals are accepted as of the second year, provided that the PI has produced satisfactory research results and publications. Please see the document on CNRS Proposal Writing Guidelines.

  • If the submitted proposal is funded by other sources, the researcher must include a justification why additional funds from the Council are needed. However the Council does not provide additional funds for projects which are already funded through its joint programs with institutions and other foundations. 
  • Application for new funding will be rejected if the Principle Investigator has an on-going project whose contract period has not ended. 
  • Application for new funding will not be considered if the Principal Investigator has not submitted the final narrative report, as well as copies of published articles in scientific Journals of a previously funded grant.

3. PI Eligibility

Only full time faculty members with a Ph.D., or equivalent, are eligible to apply, this however does not apply to part-time medical doctors working in University Hospitals.

4. Application Deadlines

The CNRS usually has two application cycles per year. The exact deadline dates will be announced by OGC via e-mail. To allow ample time for review, investigators are advised to submit their applications to the Office of Grants and Contracts at least eight days prior to the submission deadline.

5. Rules Concerning CNRS Awarded Grants

When a new application or request for renewal is approved by the CNRS,

  1. The Grants and Contract Office will send two original copies of the contract to the President and the Principle Investigator for their signature. 
  2. The Principle Investigator should make a copy of the contract for his/her own records and send the two original signed copies back to the Office of Grants and Contracts for processing. 
When an account number (Cost Center) is assigned, the Comptroller's Office will inform the principal investigator and the Office of Grants and Contracts. In addition to the title of the project, the new account number is to be used in all correspondence related to the project.

5.1 Reporting: The CNRS requests that a final financial (from the Comptroller's Office) and a narrative report (from the Principle Investigator) to be submitted within TWO months of the completion date of the project. Principal Investigators should therefore submit a final narrative report to the Office of Grants and Contracts within this time range after the project (contract) termination date. The narrative report should include the research project findings and accomplishments or the submission of published articles in renowned scientific journals, with an explanatory document detailing how the project findings may be applied. Failure to submit a final report could result in the withholding of future support.

5.2 Requests for No Cost Extension of Projects: The request for a no-cost extension is permitted by the Council for a maximum period of six months provided the PI has valid and justifiable reasons for the need to extend his/her project.

Investigators wishing to request a no-cost extension should send a written memo or e-mail to the Office of Grants and Contracts, stating their request for an extension, the reason for the request, and the additional period needed to complete their work (Note that the additional period cannot exceed half the period originally approved, i.e. six months). All correspondence should include the title of the project and the account number originally given to them by the Comptroller's Office. The Office of Grants and Contracts will relay the investigator's request to the LNCSR and will inform the investigator of its decision.

All requests for a project extension should be submitted to the Office of Grants and Contracts at least one monthprior to the expiry date of the project.

5.3 Payment Schedule: The Council will pay the first installment of 75% of the total awarded grant upon signature of the contract by both parties, and will pay the second installment of 25% (provided all grant amount is expended) upon completion of the project and submission of narrative and financial reports.

6. Rules for Renewal of Projects 

6.1 If the Council has initially approved project support for two or three years, then requests for renewal applications are accepted. However if a PI has initially requested a one year period for his project, and the Council has approved its support then renewal applications for additional years and budgets are not permitted.

6.2 If the researcher received an award for a period of two or three years, the project may be renewed for a second year upon reporting of satisfactory scientific results and findings. The renewal is assured if the researcher published an article in the Lebanese scientific journal entitled: Lebanese Science Journal or any specialized and recognized academic journal (or has had an article accepted for publication), or has published a book on the researched topic.

6.3 The project may be renewed for a third year in cases where the researcher published at least one article in a specialized and recognized academic journal (or has had an article accepted for publication), or has published a book on the researched topic.

6.4 If the project period ended without producing results, and if the researcher did not publish an article as a result of the funding:

The Council will suspend any further research funding for the researcher in the future. 

This decision is subject for review and consideration if the researcher submits or publishes an article in the Lebanese journal entitled: Lebanese Science Journal or in a specialized and recognized academic journal.

6.5 Requests for project renewals will not be considered until a progress report and accompanying documents are submitted to The Council within TWO months of the project's "First Year's" end date.

6.6 The Council provides support to the renewed project with a grant amount approximating the one decided upon during the previous year minus the funds provided for equipment and non-perishable supplies. If the Council notices an unjustified expense, this sum will be deduc​ted from the following year's grant.

Renewal Application Checklist 
Investigators wishing to renew their projects and receive additional funds are requested to submit the following documents to the Office of Grants and Contracts:

  1. One original completed and signed CNRS Renewal Application Form
  2. One original completed and signed CNRS Proposal Transmittal and Approval Form. 
  3. A progress report that includes a paragraph in Arabic highlighting the achievement of project objectives. The rest of the report can be written in English. This report should include the following information and answer the following questions: 
  4. i. Description of what has been achieved as a result of CNRS support and the project findings. 
    ii. What were the outcomes of the project? Were any abstracts, articles, or any other publications produced? Was there a conference or workshop on the subject? 
    iii. The reason(s) for renewing the project. 
    iv. What is the proposed budget? 
  5. ​One original and one copy of updated curriculum vitae (CV) of the principal investigator(s) and co-investigator(s).
  6. Soft copy of proposal on CD or floppy disk.
  7. Signed " Survey of Scientific Resources in Lebanon" form

Upon the approval of the Office of Grants and Contracts, the requests for research renewals will be sent to the President's Office for his final signature. Project renewals will not be accepted if a yearly report and accompanying documents (copies of published articles) are not submitted within two months of the project's original completion date.

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