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LNCSR Proposal Writing Guidelines

​​​1. PI and Office of Grants and Contracts Responsibilities 

While the faculty member is responsible for writing the proposal, The Office of Grants and Contracts can assist in answering any queries related to the format, structure and budgeting. The Office is the official liaison between the University and the LNCSR and is responsible for reviewing the proposal application and budget before sending it to the president for his signature. The Office is also responsible for the formal submission of the proposal to the LNCSR.

2. Proposals Requiring Special Review 

a. Human Subjects 
Proposals involving human or animal testing must obtain the approval of the Institutional Research Board (IRB). For application to the IRB, faculty members should follow IRB's principles and procedures which can be found under the Faculty of Medicine Research website. Please note that faculty members are required to include the IRB approval with their proposals, as no proposal will be processed by OGC unless the human subject protocol has been either submitted for review or has been already approved.

b. Animal Subjects
Proposals involving animal subjects must obtain an animal use application and approval from the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) prior to submission of the proposal. For application to the IACUC, faculty members should follow IACUC's principles and procedures, and filing out the Animal Use Form. Please note that faculty members are required to include the IACUC's approval with their proposals, as no proposal will be processed by OGC unless the animal subject protocol has been either submitted for review or has been already approved.

c. Radio Active Material
Research proposals that involve the use of radioactive material or radiation producing machines, or use of radiation in structural programs, radiation medical applications must obtain the written approval of the University Radiation Safety Committee. This can be achieved by submitting an application for a license Application For Possession And Use of Radionuclides to the Health Physics Services. The application must be approved by the Committee before the ordering of radioactive material or radiation producing devices.

3. Proposal and Budget Preparation 

In preparing proposals, investigators must refer to the LNCSR "Conditions for Applying for a new project" under the section on " Conditions, Guidelines and Deadlines".

Proposals must include the following sections as specified by the LNCSR:

A. Title of the Project: The title of the proposed project should be short and concise and reflects the main goal of the project.

B. Project Goal: In a few sentences the PI should include the long-term goal of the proposed project.

C. Project Purpose: In a few sentences the PI should mention the strategy and methodology to be used to achieve the above-mentioned goal of the project

D. Abstract: this section should summarize the whole proposal and it should include a short and precise description of the project aims.

The abstract must not exceed 250 words and it must be typed on a separate page. Include few keywords (in Arabicand either Englishor French) on the same page. The abstract must be submitted in Arabic (Except for FEA faculty members) and in either English or French.

E. Background and Project Significance - In this section the PI should provide a scientific background and state the significance and relevance of the study as well as mention the findings so far and how they are significantly related to the proposed research. In addition the PI should state the expected direct and indirect benefits which may result from the proposed research. It should also briefly state how the proposed study will further academic knowledge, and how it will benefit the Lebanese society. 

F. Outputs and Activities - This section should specify the expected outcomes of the research project as well as the necessary activities and tasks needed to achieve the outcomes. The Council considers this section of the proposal as the main section on which it will base its evaluation and its approval for funding.

G. Work Plan - This section should briefly outline the tasks and activities that will be undertaken and specify a project timeline. In the case of the participation of more than one PI it is requested to include the name of PI responsible for each task. Please refer to LNCSR's website for a sample format of the project timetable.

H. Methodology and Research Resources: This section should also include a brief description of the methods to be used for project implementation as well as the resources available at the University and other needed resources to support the research work including human resources.

I. Measurable Indicators: In order to evaluate the accomplishments of the project, this section should include several measurable indicators which can be used to assess the project results. There is no doubt that the publication of research result is one of the most significant indicators but it is not necessarily the only one, other indicators may include: patent or intellectual property rights, or the direct application of practices in the service and productive sectors, and the organization of workshops to discuss the research results. The LNCSR is willing to help interested PIs in specifying of their measurable indicators.

J. Detailed Budget and a Budget Justification: In an effort to encourage team work and group proposals the Council will double the budget (L.L. 31,000,000) for proposals which address the Council's priorities, and involve two PIs from different departments or faculties. Some of the items which could be included in the budget are: casual labor/technical assistance (research assistants), field work, Supplies & Consumables or Lab Tests & Chemicals, software, equipment, accessories, and miscellaneous. Please note that overhead (indirect costs) are not allowed.

​â?¢ Personnel/ Labor
​â?¢ Field Work
​â?¢ Supplies & Consumables & Chemicals
â?¢ Research Expenses (Lab tests, Software, 
Equipment and Accessories

​â?¢ Miscellaneous

K. Publications - This section should include copies of the PI's publications which are directly linked to the proposed study and are published as of the year 2000.

L. References: scientific references related to the research proposal must be cited.

M. CV: Provide an updated CV for the PI and the Co-PIs in either Arabic, English or French. The CV should include the following information:

  • Personal Information: Full Name, Place and date of Birth, Nationality, and Address.
  • Education: University Degree: Name of University, Year of Graduation, and Specialization AND Doctoral Degree.
  • Current Job Description: Name of University, the Position and job responsibilities, the Academic Rank, other responsibilities.
  • Academic and Scientific Achievements: scientific articles published in renown journals, Conference presentations and participation, published books, other publications.

N. Additional Information: Include any information that might be helpful in reviewing and assessing the proposal favorably.

4. Proposal Checklist 

​​Applicants should complete and sign the following documents/forms included in the application package and send them to the Office of Grants and Contracts.

  1. One original LNCSR's Administrative Application Form (Arabic). 
  2. One original LNCSR Proposal Transmittal and Approval Form (English).
  3. An abstract in Arabic and in either English or French (FEA faculty members are not required to submit an Arabic abstract) with keywords on both. 
  4. One original and three copies of the proposal and itemized budget. 
  5. One original and one copy of updated curriculum vitae (CV) of the principal investigator(s) and co-investigator(s). 
  6. Soft copy of proposal on CD or floppy disk
  7. 7. IRB Form (if using animal or human subjects). 
  8. Animal Use Form (if using animal subjects).
  9. Radiation Form (If using radioactive material).
  10. Signed " Survey of Scientific Resources in Lebanon" form

Note: Incomplete applications (i.e. those that do not include the above mentioned items or are not signed) and those that do not conform to the LNCSR Conditions, Guidelines and Deadlines for 2005 will delay process which might result in missing the submission deadline.

5. Proposal Submission Deadlines 

The LNCSR usually has two application cycles per year. The exact deadline dates will be announced by OGC via e-mail. To allow ample time for review, investigators are advised to submit their applications to the Office of Grants and Contracts at least eight days prior to the submission deadline.

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