Policies and Procedures

​​​​​​​​The Office of Grants and Contracts is solely responsible for business policies and procedures for sponsored research, including those designed to meet the requirements of grants and contracts. The Director of OGC is the contracting officer of the University and is directly responsible for the negotiation and interpretation of funded research contracts and grants, including basic agreements, and for negotiating the reimbursement of indirect costs and employee benefits. All University research grants and contracts shall be processed and administered through OGC. On no account should a Faculty Member accept direct payments or negotiate a contract on behalf of the University.​​

This section provides a number of Research Policies that must be adhered to by faculty members and administrative staff when preparing proposals and when administering grant awards. This section also features the Office of Grants and Grants' Procedural Manual​ which describes general research considerations, the responsibilities of the University and its faculty, and procedures and guidelines related to pre-award (proposal evaluation and submission) and post-award (project administration) functions.

Research Policies and Procedures