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Frequently Asked Question

What is an ERASMUS+ staff training mobility?
An ERASMUs+ staff mobility is an opportunity for you to go to another university and be hosted by a department similar to yours for the purpose of exploring their methodology of work, sharing experiences and learning their best practices. The aim of this is to enhance your professional skills through interacting with your counterparts.

Is it considered a personal leave or a paid leave?
This is considered as paid leave since it is a training opportunity to enhance your professional skills.

How long is the duration?
Depending on the agreement signed, the duration may vary. However the minimum is 6 days. If the duration indicated on the website is too long, you can choose a shorter duration as long as it does not fall below 6 days.

Who is eligible to apply?
All full time staff, regardless of their grade, are eligible to apply.

Should I have any special qualifications in order to apply?
No special qualifications are required.

Does AUB cover the expenses?
This is mobility is covered by the ERASMUS+ fund.  They provide a fixed amount for the ticket in addition to a daily allowance. You can use the daily allowance to book your hotel and pay for your meals. After your mobility agreement is signed, part of the funds will be transferred by the host university to your account. After the mobility is over, you will be asked to fill a survey after which the remaining funds will be sent to you.

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