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Erasmus+ Staff Mobility

Continuing professional development for all staff

All full-time employees at AUB can receive funding for job shadowing, such as participating in the daily work at a partner university, business or organisation.  The funding includes an amount based on the length of the stay abroad, and a travel grant. Depending on the agreement with our partner university, the duration of the stay may vary. 

How to apply

STEP 1: When a call for appliactions is announced, choose from among the partners with whom AUB has teaching mobility opportunities.  List of Erasmus+ University Partners for Staff Mobility

STEP 2: Obtain the approval of your director or manager.

STEP 3: Fill out the Nomination Form 

STEP 4: Send your CV and letter of motivation to Applicants will be selected based on host university match and availability. (If OIP receives more than one applicant from the same department/unit, the department/unit head will be asked to nominate one candidate. The others will be considered if the chosen candidate cannot be hosted and otherwise, can re-apply in the next call). Decisions will be communicated to applicants accordingly.

Preference will be given to:

- applicants who have not yet benefited from an Erasmus+ mobility grant and/or
- applicants from offices or departments which have not been yet been represented.

STEP 5: Nominated applicants will be put in contact with the Host University and will be guided through the remaining procedures by OIP. For more information please contact Ms. Olga Safa



Fund transfer is usually made by the host University to the participant's bank account. However, it may differ ffrom one university to another depending on the country regulations. In some cases, you might receive your grant in cash upon arrival at the host university, or in some other form such as a debit card. Grants might take time to be transferred to yoru account, and in some casesm are given upon arrival to the host univeristy, Therefore, you ght have to pay for your ticket and hotel in advance from your own personal account.

Also note that the grant money is a fixed amount and in some cases may not fully cover all your expenses. In such cases, you will have to cover the extra charges by yourself.


Eligibility to re-apply

You can only re-apply if you have not had the chace to go on mobility. If you have already been on a mobility or if you have been accepted for mobility and declined it, then you are not aligible to re-apply.

Kindly read our frequently asked questions page for more information.


Have you been accepted to go on ERASMUS+ mobility? Refer to these guidelines.

Erasmus+ University Partners for Staff Mobility




"I would definitely recommend visiting Lund University; Swedish people are very nice and friendly, Lund is beautiful. It was very inspiring to meet with different staff members and professors at Lund University, and to learn more about the projects that they are involved in." Diane Audi, 2017

"I would like to thank three entities: AUB, Erasmus and Koc University, for the great opportunity to take part in a one-week Staff Mobility Program at KOC's Social Impact Forum.  I would definitely recommend the Erasmus Staff Mobility Program to all those who are open to learning new skills, languages and experiencing a new professional setting at another university. Koc University is an excellent higher education institution which is also distinctively located inside a forest in Sariyer (Istanbul). The experience over there is beyond enriching on every level (professional, personal, and certainly cultural). " Nadine Ghalayini, 2017​​

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