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  • Undergraduates must have completed 24 sophomore credits
  • Graduate students must have completed 6 credits at AUB
  • ALL Students must be in good academic standing . Students on probation are not eligible to study abroad
  • It is against AUB regulations for undergraduate students to study abroad during in their final semester at AUB

 AUB Study Abroad policies and procedures
Note: If you transferred into AUB as a junior, you are only permitted to do summer study abroad.]

Study Abroad Course Approval Application

If you plan on studying abroad at any university (whether exchange or regular study abroad; fall, spring or summer) you will need  to fill out the Study Abroad Course Approval Application. This form will ensure that you secure  approval for the courses that you plan to take abroad. This form needs to be turned in to our office by the deadlines listed.

Nominated Exchange Students

Students who have been nominated to study abroad on an Exchange Program must secure their exchange spot by submitting the AUB Exchange Confirmation Form to OIP and settling a fee of $500.00 at the assigned banks no later than two week (10 working days) after  receiving an official email nomination from OIP.  

Note that the $500 fee is refundable only if  you spend your semester abroad. This refund will be made payable directly to your AUB account. 

Final ​​Clearance Form

In order to confirm your plan to participate in a credit-bearing international study program, 
students( whether exchange or regular study abroad; fall, spring or summer)  must
complete the Final Clearance Form and return it to OIP by the
published deadline  This form will ensure that your status as an AUB student will remain active during your study abroad semester and will guarantee credit transfer to AUB.

*Students Studying in the US ​​

How to ​Apply for a US Student Visa​​

Visa Interview Advice for all students travelling on a student visa to the US 

US Travel Advisory​


  Study Abroad Course Approval Application

  • Summer 2018: March 21, 2018
  • Spring 2018: Oct.30, 2017
  • Fall 2019 : April 11,2018

  Final Clearance Form 

  • Summer 2018 : April 25,2018
  • Spring 2018: November 30, 2017
  • Fall 2019 : May 23,2018​ 
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