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Global Scholars Program

The Global Scholar Program is an international academic program. Participating students will deepen transnational insight and intercultural understanding through an individually designed course of study developed around a topic of transnational importance that is carried out at the student’s home institution with additional engagement in two areas of the world different from that of the home campus.

Learning and Developmental Outcomes
Upon successful completion of the Global Scholar program, the student will be able to:

Formulate and execute a multi-part plan resulting in an analysis of a transnational topic through disciplinary concepts and theories and from multiple perspectives (e.g., social, political, economic, historical, religious) of different world regions
Develop and articulate an understanding of the issues, contexts, and events impacting the student’s topic
Critically evaluate the ways that personal experience affects thinking about global issues and contrast that with the perspectives of those whose personal experience is different
Describe the ways the experience impacts the student’s personal and professional goals

How to Apply
Application – A Global Scholar candidate submits an application describing the topic to be explored, why it is significant, and how it will be pursued through work in two parts of the world different from the student’s home campus.

The application must be approved by the home campus academic advisor and Global Scholar Coordinator. The proposal will be reviewed for completeness and fit by the Alliance office and the host programs.

For more information and for a list of participating institutions visit:

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