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​​An exchange program is when there is an agreement between two universities for a fixed number of students to exchange places for a semester or a year. Students pay their home institution’s tuition fees. Places are limited and in the case of popular destinations, the selection process may be competitive.        

Please note that AUB has no summer exchange programs, although it has many recommended summer study abroad programs. 


In an exchange program each student pays tuition at his or her home university. In other words, students pay the usual AUB tuition for a full semester's worth of courses at the host university. Students who are on financial aid at AUB will still benefit from it if they attend an exchange program. While students pay tuition to AUB they will pay any housing or activity fees charged by the Host University.


Undergraduates are required to have a successfully completed at least 24 AUB credits at the sophomore level before they study abroad during fall or spring
Students may study abroad in summer even f they have not completed 24 AUB credits.

Graduate students are required to have successfully completed at least 6 AUB credits before they study abroad.

Undergraduate students may NOT study abroad during the final semester of their degree program at AUB.

Students must be in good academic standing

A student who transferred into AUB as a junior is only permitted to attend a summer study abroad program

AUB requires students to have a minimum of a 78 cumulative GPA in order to be considered as candidates for an exchange Note: Other kinds of study abroad do not have such a high GPA requirement.

MEPI students are not eligible for exchange.


Start by reviewing AUB's  list of exchange partner universities.

Submit an online  Exchange Nomination Application by the assigned deadline 
Short-listed students will be invited to an interview with members of the Study Abroad Advisory Committee on International Programs.

Once nominated, students will be required to submit a $500 refundable confirmation fee (students will be refunded if they go on their chosen exchange program)

OIP staff will guide students in completing the host university application process.

Fill out the Study Abroad Course Approval Application by the assigned deadline in order to pre-approve your courses, maintain an active status at AUB, and register for the semester following study abroad. Further  details are listed on the                

If you are not selected to go on an AUB exchange, you can still apply to one of AUB’s recommended study abroad programs.

In terms of educational value there is no difference between an exchange program and a study abroad program; they simply differ in terms of the application procedures and the institution to which students ultimately pay tuition.


Study Abroad Course Approval Application  ​
To secure approval for the courses that you plan to take abroad.
  • Summer 2018: March 21,2018
  • Fall 2018-19: April 11, 2018
  • Spring 2019: October 11, 2018
Final Clearan​ce Form​ 
To ensure that your status as an AUB student  remains active during your study abroad semester. 

  • Summer 2018: April 25, 2018
  • Fall 2018-19: May 23,  2018
  • Spring 2019: November 13, ​2018

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