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​​How to Apply

University Calendar

Please review American University of Beirut’s university calendar to plan your semester(s) at AUB

Major and Programs
Click here for a list of Majors and Programs at AUB

Updated List of Course Offerings

Students should search for an updated list of course offerings by semester.

Tuition and Fees

Please click here to view all relevant information concerning tuition and fees.  International students are eligible to apply for financial aid. AUB has developed several types of financial aid programs to cater to the needs of a broad range of undergraduate and graduate students including: need-based grants and merit-scholarships; US Loans and GI Bills; need-based student loans, graduate assistantships and work-study programs.

Important Deadlines

Freshman & Sophomore application deadlines 2017-18
November 30, 2016: Fall 2017-18 Early admission
December 20, 2016: Fall 2017-18 Regular admission
April 28, 2017: Fall 2017-18 Transfer & Second Degree

Visiting and exchange application 2017-18
March 31, 2017: Summer 2017
March 31, 2017: Fall 2017-18
October 31, 2017: Spring 2017-18

Diploma 2017-18
March 31, 2017: Fall 2017-18 Application deadline
March 31, 2017: Summer 2017-18 Application Deadline
November 15, 2017:Spring 2017-18 Application deadline

Graduate studies 2016-17/2017-18
February 10, 2017: Summer 2016-17 Early admission
February 10, 2017: Fall  2017-18 Early admission
April 3, 2017: Summer 2016-17 Regular admission
April 3, 2017: Fall 2017-18
Regular admission


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