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Visas and Residency Permits for International Students

ALL non-Lebanese students coming to Lebanon need to have a valid passport for a period of at least six months longer than they intend to stay in the country and to secure an entry visa.

For further information or inquiries, kindly send an email to:

IMPORTANT: All international students are required to fill the Emergency Contact Information Form.

Obtaining an Entry Visa

Residence Permit Procedure

Students who do not hold a Lebanese passport are required to obtain a Residence Permit before the expiration of the entry visa stamped in their passport. Residence permits take about 1.5 to 2 months to be processed by General Security. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you apply for this permit immediately after registering for your courses and paying tuition fees.

Preparing the required papers to submit to general Security takes about a week. You can refer to the  Residence Permit Checklist AY 2016-17 to read about the details of what you need to prepare.You are welcome to pass by OIP Office to pick up the required papers and the Residence Permit Checklist.

OIP will provide assistance to all students submitting their papers within the first  2 weeks of every semester.


 Important Info:

  • The General Security accepts application and payment (in cash only) for the renewal of Residence Permits to Arab and Foreign nationals up until the last day of validity.  Any delays are subject to additional charges.
  • The General Security may change their policies without informing AUB or the OIP. The above information is the most current to date. AUB and the OIP are not liable to charges, penalties or inconveniences incurred with the General Security and Residence Permit policies and procedures.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What do I do if there is no embassy for my country in Lebanon?
    You need to stamp your enrollment certificate at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs before you submit your documents.

    Should I submit all my documents in Arabic?
    Preferably yes, however documents in English or French are also accepted.

    How long does it take to process my residence permit?
    Usually it takes 1-2 months and sometimes it could take more. After the initial phase of the process is over, you have the option to expedite the process to by paying an extra fee of 105,000LL (the equivalent of $70)

    What currency is accepted at General Security?
    Only Lebanese Pounds are accepted.

    Can I extend my one month entry visa?
    Some nationalities are allowed to extend their one month entry visa automatically for another month. After that, another additional month extension can be obtained by going to General Security. Call 1717 for more details.

    I live in a furnished apartment, do I still have to go to the mokhtar?
    Yes, the proof of housing from the mokhtar is mandatory.

    I live in AUB dorms, do I still have to go to the mokhtar?
    No, just go to student housing and they will give you a certificate.

    I am under 18 years so I am not allowed to sign the Notary Public certificate, what shall I do?
    You can skip this certificate if you are under 18. General Security is aware of this and will not request this certificate from you.

    I called my embassy and they said they do not certify enrollment certificates, what shall I do?
    You need to convince your embassy somehow to sign your enrollment certificate otherwise General Security will not accept your application.

    What if I do not have a bank account in Lebanon?
    You have several options:
    If your parents have a bank account in Lebanon, then you can obtain a bank statement and a document stating that your parents are supporting you financially.
    If you have your own bank account in your home country, provide a bank statement for your account back home.
    If you are receiving money transfers from your parents/other sources, bring the transfer receipts.
    If you are receiving a scholarship stipend, obtain a certificate from your scholarship provider confirming that you are receiving the stipend.

    I have been to General Security several times and still I did not receive my residence permit, what should I do?
    Many students are facing challenges in receiving their residence permits (and getting passports returned) on time including: delays of up to two months or more; having to make multiple trips to General Security. OIP recommends that IF, upon your first return visit to General Security to pick up your residence papers and passport, you are told to return in two weeks, you offer to pay the extra $70 for expedited processing. This should ensure that you receive your papers on the very same day.  Should you face any problems at all kindly inform OIP immediately.

    For any other questions you can always call General Security on 1717.





    Lebanese General Security Website
    Call 01 612401 for assistance

    Lebanese General Security Opening Hours:
    Mon Tue Thurs: 8:00am-3:30pm
    Wed: 8:00am-5:00pm
    Fri: 8:00am-3:00pm

    OIP Visa Support
    Office of International Programs
    West Hall, 3rd Floor, Room 322
    Tel:+9611374374 ext. 3092

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