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​​​Congratulations on being admitted to the American University of Beirut! Welcome to our international community, embracing students from over 75 nations around the world.

Follow these steps to successfully enroll at AUB

1. Submit all required documents to the Office of Admissions.
2. Submit your medical record ONLINE to the Department of Family Medicine
3.  If you are an exchange or a visiting student and have submitted all the required documents to the Office of Admissions, you will have the option to pre-enroll in your courses. If you would like to do so, you must send us your chosen courses by the assigned deadline. If you will be joining AUB in the Fall 2017-18 semester, refer to the pre-enrollment guidelines.
4. Contact your Academic Advisor to receive an ‘Alternate PIN’ before Registration. You will need this PIN to complete Registration. Every new student has an Academic Advisor. The name and location of your Advisor can be viewed on your AUBsis account during the week of orientation.
5. Attend your group specific registration training session durin​​g orientation week.
6. Visit to the New Student Orientation website for more information on how to enroll and register for classes. ​
Note for Visiting and Exchange students wishing to re-enroll for a second semester 

Kindly pass by the Office of Admissions and​​​ request a petition from the Front Desk.  Fill out a hard copy petition and submit it in order to keep your account active for registration for the following semester. Submit the petition to Ms. Nabila Dandan at the Office of Admissions

Refer to the Fall 2017-18 checklist for more information


What sho​​uld I expect?

You are about to embark on a vibrant new stage in your life, set in an internationally diverse community. If this is your first time in Lebanon then expect differences in culture, climate, food, language and rules of behavior and norms.

Getting into a routine, phoning or make regular contact with home, talking to a member of staff at the University and actively engaging in the AUB and Beirut community are all ways to manage and embrace this period of readjustment. It’s important to build a strong support network of people you can turn to if you feel overwhelmed. Your OIP Student Mentor will help ease your transition and integration into Lebanon and the AUB community by organizing regular cultural events throughout the academic year. We also recommend that you join student societies or clubs as a way of meeting new people and making friends. Last but not least, we at the Office of International Programs have an 'open door' policy, so just drop by if you have any questions or concerns.


On-Campus Housing

AUB offers its students the opportunity to live in the AUB Student Housing facilities and share a rich community life on campus. To be eligible ,you must be enrolled as full/ part time student for the Academic Year you are applying to dorms.

On- campus housing is limited and priority is given to current and new undergraduate students who apply by the deadline in the following order:

  • New freshman students (International applicants followed by local applicants)
  • New International students on institutional agreement requiring university housing to be offered (e.g Exchange program et
  • c)
  • New Scholarship students accepted in accordance with a contract requiring housing to be offered (e.g. MEPI, USAID, MasterCard etc)
  • New Sophomores coming from abroad (International applicants followed by local applicants)
  • Current AUB students per application date (Renewing residents followed by new to dorms)
  • New students who didn’t apply on time
  • Current AUB students who didn’t apply on time

Graduate applicants (excluding medicine students) are considered low priority, however if places are available once all undergraduate applications are processed, the below room reservation criteria is to be followed:

1) International graduates
2) Master students
3) PHD students

*Medicine students are not eligible for housing as their Academic year calendar begins and overlaps with the calendar of under-graduates and regular graduate students

The student housing office are currently accepting applications for the Spring 2016 semester . The deadline to apply for on-campus housing is on November 18. Applications will be considered for students admitted to AUB after the November 16 deadline.

For more information, visit the Student Housing website .

Off-campus housing
Off-campus housing is plentiful in the neighborhood surrounding the University (Hamra) as well as in up-and-coming neighborhoods such as Ain Mreisseh, Achrafiyeh, and Gemmayz


It’s difficult to finalize housing before arriving in Beirut, but most visiting students find satisfactory housing within a few days after their arrival. We advise you not to finalize your housing before you have visited the rooms.

The most effective way to find housing in Beirut is via Facebook and internet sites. these  include the following:


            • The campus is protected by security guards and a dedicated risk management team ensures a safe campus for all faculty, staff & students.
            • Should there be any changes in the security environment that directly affect AUB the Protection Office will promptly inform the University community and take appropriate action.
            • AUB issues notices and informational alerts to students via its homepage and its Facebook and Twitter accounts. We also communicate with our campus community via mass email, group email, digital message boards across campus, and SMS.
            • All international students are required to register emergency contact information.
            • Visit our Safety and Security website to learn more about security at AUB.

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