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Visas for International Students

​​​​​​​​​​​International students joining AUB, who do not hold a Lebanese passport or a Lebanese identity card, must have their foreign passports valid for a period of no less than 13 months from the date of joining the university. All such students should also check with the nearest Lebanese embassy or consulate in their country as to whether they require an entry visa in order to legally enter Lebanon or are eligible to obtain a one-month free entry visa at the airport.

If you require a visa to enter Lebanon, you can apply for your visa in one of the below ways:

1. A one month single entry student visa facilitated by OIP 

OIP provides assistance for obtaining a pre-arrival one month single entry visa through the Lebanese General Security. Students who wish to benefit from OIP visa assistance must indicate this in their Confirmation Letters (a link to the Confirmation Letter will be sent in the official letter of acceptance). The visa application fee is $80 (non-refundable) to be settled along with the confirmation fees. The visa will be ready 7-10 days prior to the beginning if the semester. See OIP Visa Processing and Assistance Procedure​​ below for more information:

OIP Visa Proces​sing and Assistance P​rocedure

Required Documents for visa application through OIP If you chose to benefit from OIP visa assistance, and you have indicated this in your Confirmation Letter, then immediately send the following documents to

  • Colored scan of your passport (plus exit - entry permit for Palestinians in Gaza and West Bank, or copy of residence for Palestinians residing outside the Palestinian territories) ​in high resolution (Scan at 200 ppi, size A4, pdf format).Entry to Lebanon will be denied if there is any​ evidence that you have entered or visited the State of Israel. Examples include but are not limited to: an Israeli stamp or visa or any visa issued in the State of Israel (e.g. a Shengen visa issued in Tel Aviv), including entry stamps to the State of Israel from land border posts in Jordan and Egypt
  • visa application form (visa is valid for one month and may be extended upon entry but then you have to apply for a residence permit while the visa is still valid)


  • The Subject Line of your email should be: “Visa Application First_Name Last_Name”
  • Please combine all documents into ONE PDF FILE. The pdf file should be named as follows:


    Example: Olga_Safa.pdf

​​ Note: Payment of visa fees is made along with your confirmation fees. The Visa Processing Fee is $80 (non-refundable. AUB will not be held liable in case of visa rejections. In case you apply and then realize you do not in fact need an entry visa to Lebanon, you will not be refunded the $80 fee)​​


2. A one month (extendible to three months) single entry tourist visa granted at the airport 

This option applies ONLY to citizens of some countries. Click HERE to find out if you are eligible. This short-term tourist visa is valid for one-month, renewable for three-months. For citizens of certain countries, this visa is granted free of charge. (Students who travel outside Lebanon within these three months and re-enter Lebanon, will be granted another one month entry visa renewable for 3 months.)

3. A 6-month multiple entry visa from Lebanese embassy or consulate.

You may obtain a 6-month multiple entry visa to Lebanon from the nearest Lebanese Embassy or consulate in or near your hometown. In order to obtain the 6-month visa, you must first be officially accepted to AUB. Once you have received your official letter of acceptance, you must send an email to with the subject line: “Certificate for Visa Purposes Needed”, and state whether you wish to receive your certificate via e-mail attachment or by fax. For a complete list of documents needed, refer to the Lebanese Embassy in your country.


In all of the three cases mentioned above, if you are staying in Lebanon for longer than the duration of your visa, you must apply in person for a one-year student residence permit after your arrival and before your visa expires in order to maintain your legal status in Lebanon. Visit this page for more information.


Lebanese General Security Website
Call 00 961 1  612401 for assistance

General Security Opening Hours: 

  • Mon Tue Thurs: 8:00am-3:30pm
  • Wed: 8:00am-5:00pm
  • Fri: 8:00am-3:00pm


OIP Visa Support
Office of International Programs
West Hall, 3rd Floor, Room 322
Tel:+9611374374 ext. 3092


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