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​​​​​​​​​​​​Dalia Jubaili: Taking it to the next level

Dalia.pngDalia Jubaili (EMBA '16) has never shied away from a challenge. After completing her Mechanical Engineering degree from AUB in 2003, she began her career with Emirates Airlines in UAE as a project engineer. Dalia worked on the initiation, implementation, and execution of the airline’s flight catering service, serving over 90,000 meals per day, during which she gained international exposure and experience. When she returned to Lebanon in 2006, Dalia joined the family business, Jubaili Bros, and made her mark while growing within the company.

With the company's philosophy of a 'bottom up track' for growth, Dalia took on roles in sales and project development, acquiring a deeper understanding of the company's operations and overall goals. With Dalia's vision for growth, she initiated the project development department, creating a streamlined and efficient outlook for business development and growth.  In 2014, Dalia decided to pursue her EMBA, launching her “self-journey" into management and leadership.  

During her time as an EMBA student, Dalia was immersed, not only in business management, but also in leadership enhancement. Exposed to a wealth of knowledge, she developed her soft skills focusing on personal growth while acquiring a global outlook encompassing a 360° understanding of her company. Till today, Dalia fondly reflects on her experience during the EMBA as a “valuable journey" taking her from in-class conversations to implementing the newly developed practices into day to day work. Dalia understood the benefit of the program stating: “completing my assignments during the EMBA was never for the grade, it was for developing myself and the company."

Since her graduation in 2016, Dalia has taken on the role of Business Development Manager advancing her company's overall strategy while growing and diversifying their business within their expertise. With the recent development of the Solar Department, Jubaili Bros is looking at offering a one solution power package to clients. Dalia is able create a practical solution for her clients while guiding them into a sustainable future. Newly elected board member Dalia, is continually striving for self-development while thinking 10 steps ahead for the future of her growing company.

In this light, we are pleased to announce that Dalia has recently been appointed as Mechanical Engineering Program Advisory for Rafic Hariri Canadian University. ​​

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