The Suliman S. Olayan School of Business
Combating Trade-Based Financial Crime Certificate

Developed and delivered in collaboration between with The MENA Financial Crime Compliance Group, and the Global Coalition to Fight Financial Crime, this certificate program delves deep into international trade-related financial crimes, equipping recent graduates and professionals alike with the latest insights and tools to navigate this complex landscape effectively.
Our carefully curated curriculum, rooted in real-world scenarios and impactful case studies, and facilitated by seasoned subject matter experts, empowers you to tackle multifaceted challenges in global trade and finance. Upon completion, you will be armed with the tools and expertise to make a significant impact in trade-based financial crime prevention, and gain the power to protect your organization as well as global and regional economies.
14-week asynchronous program consisting of Level 1 and Level 2
Fully online program offering hands-on knowledge and expertise from renowned subject-matter experts
Access to a network of industry thought leaders and experts
Internationally endorsed certification exam hosted on AUB platform

“TBFC is one of the most prevalent yet least well understood financial crimes, but this is set to change at least for those who obtain the TBFC certification. This certification’s curriculum collates the experience of TBFC subject matter experts across all aspects of trade and is a must have for those who want to know more or are on the front line of protecting the integrity of the trade and international financial system from TBFC, both in the public and private sectors.” John Cusack, Chair, Global Coalition to Fight Financial Crime.
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