Student and Alumni Profiles MBA

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Mazen Jradi (MBA '16) "The MBA program at OSB not only equipped me with a vast knowledge and new learned concepts, it improved my soft skills and it introduced me to a large network of faculty members and alumni. Most importantly, OSB gave me the chance to live the NYU experience, which was an eye opener for me and helped me create my own business in Beirut, B.Hive." 

Ghida El Baba (MBA '17) Ghida El Baba has been able to put her OSB experience right to work at her family company, Al Baba Sweets. “Because of my work at OSB," she stated, “I am more familiar with financial statements and analyzing them in relation to each of our branches. I also acquired several methods of leadership that allowed me to create an environment that was more supportive than bureaucratic." She now helps her company use situational analysis to adjust product sales projections based on data rather than intuition. In the case of a new product launch, a practicum course affected her validation techniques, and other courses provided key insights on product launch strategies. As far as her experience with OSB, she noted “the HR Recruitment course was one of the best courses I have taken. It was a fast-paced applied course that positively affected my recruitment and selection skills at the company." To read more about her experience click here.


Jad Rizk (MBA '19) "I am very happy with the offerings that OSB has already provided me with, and I am expecting that this environment will allow me to develop myself to the fullest. The classes so far are very productive, professional and exceed my expectations. The discussions and case studies we are currently having force students to participate and acquire new soft skills that will be very beneficial going forward. Moreover, the program director and all the processors are always by the students' sides to help them choose a correct path while ensuring they benefits from all possible opportunities. For all potential students, I truly encourage you all to join the program and enjoy its benefits. The journey is truly enlightening on both an educational level and a personality level. Our class has become like a family and I see myself along with my classmates already developing new skills, new relationships and overall improving on all levels." ​

Joelle Barbar ​(MBA '19) “My enrollment in the MBA program at OSB stems from my continuous pursuit for personal and professional growth. The program is based on a successful combination of hands-on experience through case studies, along with the enriching experiences shared by our professors, classmates and guest speakers. This truly contributes towards the essence of practical learning and personal growth. The program prepares professionals and/or new graduates to be equipped with the right mix of soft and technical skills to meet the changing business landscape and job requirements. The program is also flexible enough to cater to the needs of part-time students. Recently, I was selected to represent the MBA program in ABANA annual dinner honoring David Rubenstein, CEO of Carlyle Group in New York. This event has been, by far, the most amazing experience throughout the MBA program! I had the chance to meet and network with inspiring leaders and entrepreneurs across several disciplines within finance including commercial and investment banking, private equity, Fintech amongst others who provided me with valuable insights along with a global mindset and a different perspective on many issues." 



Ghada Abouras  (MBA '19) “The MBA program at OSB was a learning and maturing experience! I started my MBA after 10 years of experience as a sales manager. For me, this program was a tool for self-development. Meeting great people was a bonus."​