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Ghena El Yaman

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    Serving as a full-time student and graduate assistant at the Suliman S. Olayan School of Business (OSB), American University of Beirut (AUB), the MFIN program taught me how to properly manage my time between studying and working, while excelling at both. The OSB experience trained me to deliver quality work by questioning information as well as to search for the right answers.
    The business school experience helped me prepare for my career after graduation, as I landed a job with the mentorship of my OSB professors and the profound networking that OSB staff and Career Management Services have with well-established companies. Currently, I am an Assurance Associate at PwC Lebanon, where I assess the accuracy of companies' financial information, prepare financial statements, report to senior members and mentor and coach junior members on their duties.
    I believe the key qualities AUB-OSB instilled in me are agility, leadership, and courage. During the MFIN program, I had faced several challenges that required me to move quickly; this helped me immensely with my career. I also believe that AUB-OSB sharpened my leadership skills by empowering me to take initiatives and communicate with the head of the MFIN program, even before my election as a member of the Graduate Student Representative Committee. The open-door policy and concerned staff assisted with a fruitful coordination when working towards students' needs.
    Based on my experience, the skills needed to be a top performer at any job are attitude, organization skills and communication skills. Having a “can do” attitude and being open to learning are important to overcoming challenges. Organizing your time and tasks is essential, to have the ability to deliver quality work within tight deadlines. Finally, communicating effectively with team members, whether junior or senior, is key to ensuring that everyone is on the same page.​

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