Program Structure Master's in Human Resources Management

​​​​​ The Curriculum 

The graduate program consists of 9 core courses (3 credit hours each) and 1 comprehensive industry project to be completed on a modular basis in a 15 month period. The courses are as follows:

MHRM 301: Managing the Recruitment Process

MHRM 302: Human Capital Training and Development

MHRM 303: Compensation Management3
MHRM 304: Ethics, Diveristy Management, and Labor Law
MHRM 305: Leadership and Behavior in Organizations3
MHRM 306: Strategic HRM and Change Management3
MHRM 307: International HRM and Development3
MHRM 308: Human Resource Development3
MHRM 309: Organizational Research Design and Methods3
MHRM 310: Field Project3

Students not having an undergraduate degree in business will be required to take, prior to enrolling in the MHRM program, at least two pre-requisite courses (remedial courses) of 3 credits each:

  • Overview of Accounting and Finance
  • The Business Value Chain

These students can complete the program in 18 months. 

​Academic Core Courses​