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Sally El Sayed
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    "When you hate your job, you die but when you love your job you shine”

    That is the motto I came up after 21 years of working experience.

    In 1999 after completing my MBA, I joined the banking sector which was booming back then. I was a young 22-year-old girl with many dreams and ambitions.  Unfortunately, this sector failed me.  I used to feel trapped in a cage unable to spread my wings.  I tried to change my career, but many companies looked down to bankers and saw no added value in recruiting them.  Accordingly, I changed my strategy seeking better financial compensation by selling myself to other banks. Yet, I was never satisfied. The feeling of non-belonging and frustration escalated to reach its peak until I found myself applying to AUB for the Masters in Human Resources Management. I was 42 years old. The institution refused to finance my Masters and deemed it as non-relevant to my scope of work at the bank. I insisted on completing it and I paid it fully until the last penny.

    My days at OSB were the best ever. I used to come to AUB with joy and enthusiasm. I enjoyed every minute of the program, I worked with all my might, and I ended up earning the Award of Excellent Academic Performance.  I applied to a Job for HR at the bank, but my request was ignored. This was a wake up call for me to resign and look for a job that meet my ambitions.

    For the first time in my life, I felt strong enough to kiss this sector goodbye because I was armed with a Masters in HR from AUB. After 21 years of losing myself in banking, I finally gained myself back as I was recruited by the ESA Business School as Deputy to the HR director. 

    Though I haven’t yet completed my first year at this new job, I succeeded to gain the trust of my GM and co-workers as well as their recognition.

    Thank you so much OSB/AUB and faculty members. I was finally able to have a successful profession because of your help.  I often think back to my professors saying, “You can do it, just believe in yourself as we believe in you”. All of the skills I learned have been beneficial to my career.

    Again, thank you for all that you have done to lead me to success! Your encouragement and faith in me didn’t go unnoticed. Keep building the champions of tomorrow.

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