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Mario Sarkis

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    Mario is currently a senior Business Intelligence Developer in one of the leading industries in shipment worldwide. He has more than ten years of experience in the banking sector; seven of them working on Business Analytics and Intelligence in one of the leading banks in the region. 
    Data visualization, exploration, analytics, and business understanding have been his main roles till now. He handles the full cycle of projects: from Business Understanding to developing automated dashboards and advanced analytics, using Qlik products for visualization, SQL, and open source, like R and Python for data analysis and exploration. 
    Mario graduated in June 2020 from the MSBA program at AUB. This degree enhanced his technical skills, and, most importantly, it boosted his knowledge in business understanding. Currently his normal day at work focuses on and involves transforming business requirements and objectives into insightful dashboards and advance analytics.
    “Data is the new oil. Nowadays, there is a significant shortage in Data Analytics and BI skills in the global market; fulfilling this gap with the right tools and knowledge is important. In my opinion, the most demanding tools and skills to be explored and learned to guarantee a job in this field are open source R and Python, when it comes to statistical modelling, SQL-querying for data extraction and exploration, and data visualisation tools, such as Tableau, Qlik products, or Power BI.” 
    Mario adds, “The MSBA program will definitely help you learn and explore most of the required and demanding technical skills for the job. In addition, the collaboration between technical and business background reflects the actual process on how it works in big companies. You, as a technical person, will learn how to think business and vice versa. MSBA program fills the gap you might have, no matter your background. You will be equipped with the right tools, a deep understanding of the business world, and a high standard of education with great analytical skills. 
    Take advantage of this program as much as you can. It will help you fulfil market needs for the coming twenty years. Whether we like it or not, data is valuable. Leveraging it, exploring it, and providing business impact out of it is currently booming. The MSBA is the right choice for those who are eager to be prepared, and those who are eager to grasp opportunities quickly. I personally do not know anyone who graduated with me who are jobless, disregarding the economic/pandemic crisis. Best of luck to those who choose this program, and, from my experience, I can guarantee that you will be key players in the market.” 

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