Testimonials Investment Management Program

Arman Khederlarian:

“Once I heard about the Investment Management Program (IMP) in May of 2017, I knew that I would never forgive myself if I missed out on such an opportunity. Being provided with a platform to gain so much practical knowledge and experience, along with the responsibility of managing a 1 million dollars investment, made my decision of applying to the Investment Management Program a no-brainer. Over the past year, we have traveled to Montreal and New York City, met with top experts from the investment world, and taken two Masters in Finance courses. These are just a few of the experiences I have been provided with through the IMP that have helped shape me personally, academically, and professionally. Having extremely knowledgeable mentors and exceptionally hard-working colleagues has made the program even more beneficial and enjoyable. All in all, the Investment Management Program has been the icing on the cake that is my education at AUB and OSB."

Yara Farhat: 

“I joined IMP just as I was starting my junior year. I was looking for an extracurricular activity that would help accelerate my career as well as allow me to develop my soft skills. I was lucky to be accepted as I have acquired a set of skills that varies from financial analysis and valuation to leadership and teamwork. IMP also allowed me to gain exposure to some of the biggest names in this region's investment world. Finally, the friendships I cultivated in this program made the experience not only educational but also highly enjoyable."

Roy Beyrouti: 

“I joined the IMP in my junior year looking for a new and unique challenge, but the program has proven to be much more than that. The amount of knowledge transferred, the quality of skills acquired, and the overall benefit of the program exceeded every expectation I had. The combination of a tough learning curve and frequent meetings with industry professionals made me much more knowledgeable of finance concepts and industry practices and put me in a much better position when applying to careers in finance. I'm very grateful that such a program is in reach, and I am proud to be one of the first IMP graduates."

Ali Shana'a:

“My experience at IMP has been nothing short of amazing and beneficial. IMP has allowed me to not only significantly increase my knowledge in Business, Finance, and Investments, but to also hone my interpersonal skills, and as a result, it helped to significantly increase my confidence. Finally, IMP has allowed me to connect with other motivated students in OSB that have had a significant impact in shaping me both professionally and personally."

Miriam Jreij: 

“I am a graduate student at OSB pursuing my Masters in Finance and one of the main reasons for why I joined the Investment Management Program was the hands-on experience that we gain while pursuing our degrees, which we can never learn in our courses. We learned the skills needed in asset management, from market screening to stock valuation. We had many meetings with leading professionals with many years of experience in the field. Personally, what I found to be the most valuable experience in the program was the internship I got at Julius Baer, the scholarships I received to sit for the CAIA and CFA exams, the meetings we had with professionals from multinational well-known companies during our trip to Montreal and New York, and of course the visit to the New York Stock Exchange. I do believe that graduating from this program will give me a competitive edge over my fellow graduates."

Gaelle Yammine:

“The investment management program is definitely the highlight of my finance education at the American University of Beirut with its exceptional integrative learning experience and real-world application. I am very glad to be part of the program which offered me the opportunity to be involved in real life practice by pitching stocks, analyzing market data, and evaluating financial reports."

Kinda Katanji: 

“The investment management program (IMP) has definitely been the highlight of my undergraduate years at AUB. Being admitted to the program, we were exposed to diverse insights by some of the most renowned firms in the market, which helped us get an authentic view and understanding of the underlying market dynamics. The IMP helped me learn how to prepare equity research reports, do stock pitches and most importantly, learn the investment logic behind the financial decisions early on in my life; these will definitely prove to be key skills souht by financial institutions all over the world . Other than the immense amount of knowledge we have accumulated in a short period of time, the most rewarding experience is the fact that I have the change to work with teammates on my very first investment. It's very rewarding to see the hard work I exerted during my first year in the program as an equity research analyst and the chance to be admitted in the second year where portfolio management takes place! IMP is a life-changing program and a great investment in one's journey; as the fruit of its labor surely outweigh the hard work and long hours we spent!"

Jad Ghanem: 

“It's my first year in IMP as an Equity Research Associate, and each day I am getting clearer exposure and deeper insights in the field of investment. The program's collaborative and supportive team culture is very valuable to me. The unmatched learning experience gave me an opportunity to acquire and develop various professional skills from financial modeling, valuation, and research. IMP is the best part of my AUB journey."

Najwa Al-Sammak:

 “The Investment Management Program is indeed a program that bridges the gap between what we learn in class versus what we acquire in the field, and for me I learned a lot in only a matter of months. I learned concepts that no classes nor professors could teach. The IMP guided us in all the hard work that we needed to exert. Our biggest investments are found in the time we spend and the relationships we build with others and the relationship we have with ourselves.  I now know for a fact that we invest in something every single day, even in the little things; those little things end up making the biggest difference."

Tala Assir:

“Being part of this initiative nourished my interest in the finance domain and especially the financial markets. It gave me an exceptional view and real feel of what it's like to work in this field, a sense of the market. The program also deepened my macroeconomics' knowledge by applying it to the financial markets. It also gave me wonderful opportunities to meet outstanding professionals in the investment field: CEOs and analysts from top investment banks and leaders in their domain."