Beta Gamma Sigma Undergraduate Program

​​​​Beta Gamma Sigma is the international honor society serving business programs accredited by AACSB International - The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. Membership in Beta Gamma Sigma is the highest recognition a business student anywhere in the world can receive in a business program accredited by AACSB International. Students are chosen to be recognized after having met certain academic criteria. General membership eligibility criteria is as follows: undergraduate level – top 10%, graduate level – top 20%

Major Events

  • Tapping Ceremony
Holding a tapping ceremony is a very effective method for inviting students to membership. The tapping ceremony helps make the invitation process extra special for new invitees. Tapping is a method where BGS faculty, Student Officers, and sometimes even the Dean, visit selected business classes to formally present invitations to students during class time.

  • Global Leadership Summit
At the BGS Global Leadership Summit, three OSB students joined hundreds of other top business school students from around the globe for a learning experience like no other. They participated in a variety of intensive exercises designed to challenge them and showcase their skills. 

  • Founders Day
BGS commemorates its anniversary with our Founders Week celebration. The Society is taking a look back at its long history of honoring “the best in business,” while at the same time considering its impact on the business world of the future.

  • Community Service
Despite busy schedules, active lives, and often serving as leaders within their communities, BGS members are encouraged to participate in volunteering activites.The society's mission statement touches upon this concept of not only recognizing honor, wisdom, and earnestness, but also leadership and service.

  • Induction Ceremony
Recognition ceremonies are dedicated to honoring the accomplishments of newly inducted BGS members. The recognition ceremony is a huge moment for students becoming new members, for the chapter graining new leaders, for the organization growing in numbers, and next big thing to come from the “Best and Brightest.”