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Career Readiness Program

​​​​​​​​Co-op programs have significant benefits for participants in the form of eased transition
to the labor market and higher incomes after graduation".

Reference: Wyonch (2020)​​

The Career Readiness Program (CRP) is a committed partnership between an employer seeking well-educated, student talents and stu​dents wanting a work integrated learning. It is based on the principle that learning works best when academic achievement is combined with practical experience.

​The OSB Career Readiness Program (CRP) is an innovative daring academic program that seamlessly blends students' studies with valuable remunerated work experience.  It is an optional program directed to our BBA students through a committed partnership between the Olayan School Of business, an employer seeking well rounded and well-trained talents, and students looking for a unique work-integrated learning experience. CRP offers a transformative journey of experiential learning, personal growth, and professional development.​​


Program Details

To take advantage of the career readiness program, students can enroll in the CO-OP Education courses (CO-OP and Advanced CO-OP). Each one is a 3-credit course where students are expected to work full-time (around 40 hours per week) for a 6-month period at a designated company, while being supervised by an OSB faculty member.

Students must spend one semester as a full-time student at OSB after a CO-OP education course.

CO-OP Education Course

  • ​Start and Duration: The CO-OP education is offered in the spring semester of either the junior year or the senior year. It lasts for 6 consecutive months.
  • Eligibility: For students to be eligible, they must have
    • ​completed 3 semesters at OSB starting with the sophomore year.
    • have earned a minimum of 36 credits and fulfilled the prerequisite courses*, with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.3 by the time they register.​

Advanced CO-OP Education Course

  • Start and Duration: The Advanced CO-OP Education begins in the spring semester of the senior year. It lasts for 6 consecutive months.
  • Eligibility: For students to be eligible, they must have successfully completed the CO-OP Education course, as well as earned a minimum of 48 credits - including the remaining two prerequisites** - with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.3 by the time they register.

Prerequisite courses
Mandatory : ACCT 210, ECON 211, ECON 212, CMPS 208, and BUSS 240 and **four  of the following six courses : FINA 210, MKT 210, MNGT 215, DCSN 200, INFO 200, BUSS 200.


  1. Only 1 credit of the CO-OP education course counts towards degree completion. No credit of the Advanced CO-OP education course counts towards degree completion
  2. Final admission into the CO-OP education courses is subject to availability of vacancies and a successful application process which includes interviews with the OSB CRP office and the partner-companies
  3. Financial aid will not be granted for any CO-OP Education course but will be reinstated once the student is enrolled again on a full-time basis.
  4. Students currently on scholarships are responsible for communicating with the Office of Advancement in order to align with their respective scholarships office (USAID, MEPI, MASTERCARD) and seek approval to extend their studies at OSB, AUB for the required period.​​​​

​​**Students interested to apply for the Career Readiness Program should click on the student form to be directed to the Moodle page containing all the required information and submission forms​.​​

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