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Internship Program Undergraduate Program

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​As part of the OSB-BBA curriculum, all business students must successfully complete the Internship Program (BUSS ​245) 1 credit course.


  • Business student with a junior or senior standing
  • Completed by the end of Fall 18-19 semester at least: 1) 36 credits earned from sophomore year along with the 30 credits earned from school years, 2) 66 credits earned from freshman and sophomore years
  • Completed by the end of Spring 18-19 semester all the following prerequisite courses: FINA 210, INFO 200, MNGT 215, MKTG 210


  • Students must r​eview guidelines and requirements discussed in the preliminary Information Session

  • Students must fill out the mandatory internship survey
  • Students must solicit an internship through personal efforts:​ 1) ​prepare CV, letter of intent and LinkedIn profile, 2) access the list of previous host companies and their contact details

Period of internship

  • 4 weeks to be completed during the Winter break and at least 4 weeks during Summer


  • A minimum of 8 weeks during Summer​

Rules and regulations of the internship program

Students must abide by the rules and regulations specific to the internship program as mentioned in the BUSS 245 contract and should follow the Internship process​ as discussed during the mentoring sessions

Research project and performance review​ 

  • ​Students can be inspired by the list of previously chosen topics to pick the scope of their research project
  • Students may refer to the project rubrics in order to properly write their projects according to the guidelines
  • Work supervisors will be receiving the intern performance review to evaluate the students' performance throughout the internship

Internship Star Award 

The Internship Star Award ceremony is an annual event that takes place in order to recognize our outstanding and soon to be professionals. Students should exceed expectations, distinguish themselves, and also develop or introduce an innovation for the host organization to receive the star award.


Winners 2017-2018

Joelle Sakr  – Completed her internship at Azadea.

“My internship at Azadea was more fulfilling than I had expected it to be. I had planned to simply learn about communication in a professional setting. Not only did I achieve that, but I also learned about myself - I learned to set goals, action plans and achieve. Thank you OSB for making this a requirement, and thank you Azadea for not making it feel like a requirement!" – October 2018

Winners 2016-2017

Rana El Hasbani – Completed her internship at PwC. Created an A to Z guide for individuals who wish to start their own businesses.

“A Lebanese company: From dusk till dawn' is a project I developed as a requirement at the end of my internship. As I started to write it and hoping to finish the soonest possible and in the fastest way to enjoy my summer, I started to realize the amount of information I am acquiring and how much of the information I'm writing is not available for the public in Lebanon, especially the students who want to start their own small businesses. It is basically a report that covers all the requirements recommended in order to open up a business in Lebanon. It includes the different types of business structure in Lebanon, the process of founding a company, the employment process, enrollment in value added tax department, income tax declaration, tax on capital profit and the liquidation of the company if it is the case." – October 2017

Nada Ben Jemaa – Completed her internship at UNESCWA. Co-authored in an article to be published by the organization.

“My internship at the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia was far and away my most rewarding internship experience. As an Economic Affairs intern, I was entrusted with a combination of administrative tasks and substantive projects, all the while keeping a perfect balance between guidance and autonomy. My research, analytical, and communication skills have all been polished tremendously throughout this internship. In addition, I developed invaluable networks that allowed me to pursue further opportunities in the field. I am now more determined and confident about entering the international affairs arena" – October 2017​

Winners 2015-2016

​Maroun Abou Harb – Completed his internship at Nova4. Developed a complete website for the brand.

Osama El Chamaa – Completed his internship at Bank Audi. Created a system that combines the bank’s database. ​

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