Current Projects Business in Conflict Areas Research Group

​​​​​​​​​​​​Project 1: Livelihood Business Development Assessment and Reporting

Date: 2018-Current

Partner: International Organization for Migration, Iraq

Description: Sampling IOMs livelihood programs in Iraq from 2010-now. Includes over 40 programs and 30,000 businesses, to which a sample of key programs are being taken to assess the most effective programs for livelihood development, in addition to key selection criteria of beneficiaries.

Project 2: Livelihood Program Monitoring and Evaluation

Date: 2018-Current

Partner: United Nations Industrial Development Organization, Lebanon

Description: Monitoring and evaluation of key outcomes following UNIDOs carpentry project roll out in North Lebanon.

Project 3: Livelihood Monitoring and Evaluation, Country Assessment

Date: 2017-Current

Partner: United Nations Industrial Development Organization, Iraq

Description: Monitoring, evaluation and reporting on a series of livelihood implementations that have taken place in Iraq since 2017. 3 assessments completed, with several more planned for 2019 and 2020. ​

Project 4: Agricultural Program Design

Date: 2019-Current

Partner: Bring Hope Humanitarian Foundation, Sweden/Iraq

Description: Program and selection criteria design for agricultural livelihood programs in Northern Iraq. ​​