Management Team Business in Conflict Areas Research Group

BICARs management team is located at the American University of Beirut's Suliman S. Olayan School of Business while hosting members from both academia and practice from across the globe. 

Dr. Jay Joseph, Director
Since 2017, Jay has focused on the role of enterprise in conflict-affected regions. This includes how entrepreneurship at the base of the pyramid can help foster peace and reduce poverty among those most in need. Through the UN and several INGOs, he is using this work to enhance livelihood program and beneficiary selection to aid the humanitarian sector in generating impact among conflict-affected populations.

Dr. Alain Daou, Advisor
Alain's research focus is social entrepreneurship, examining the beyond-profit benefits that entrepreneurial growth can bring to society. Combined with over 10 year prior work in not for profits, he's applied his knowledge to regions in turmoil, seeking better understanding of how social entrepreneurship functions and can benefit societies affected by war and instability.

Dr. Charlotte Karam, Advisor
Charlotte's research broadly examines responsible engagement within developing economies with a focus on gender, development-oriented CSR and the intersections between the two. Her work in this space has been extended to the social role that business can play in fostering peace and human rights in regions affected by conflict.

Dr. Georges Samara, Advisor
Georges does research at the intersection of family business, business ethics and corporate social responsibility. He studies factors that make family businesses survive and thrive across generations in contexts of uncertainty and continuous political turmoil. He is also interested in the potential that family businesses have in contributing to regional development.

Dr. Ramzi Fathallah, Advisor
Ramzi focuses on understanding how different forms of business ventures emerge, adapt, and grow in adverse environments, particularly in economically and politically hostile contexts. His research has been funded by the government of Canada and the Ford Foundation. Prior to pursuing an academic career, he worked as a management consultant and a business development manager.

BICAR also has a series of affiliated collaborators from academia and the humanitarian sector from across the globe:

Dr. Caleb Kwong, University of Essex

Specializes in entrepreneurship, with a focus on the organization of businesses within IDP and refugee scenarios

Dr. Natalie Ralph, Associate Research Fellow, Deakin University

Engages in research exploring renewable energy interlinkages with conflict, peace, geopolitics, ethics, new technology exports, public policy and international governance.

Dani Ibrahim, Development Manager MENA, Positive Planet

Responsible for project identification and support in line with Positive Planets strategic interests.

Prof. Elliot Maltz, Willamette University

A global pioneer of transformative subsistence entrepreneurship, examining business growth within subsistence environments

Dr. Nellie El Enany, American University of Cairo

Nellie is an interdisciplinary, qualitative researcher with a central focus on identity, in particular identity transitions and identity development. 

John Katsos, Associate Professor, American University of Sharjah

John is a business and peace researcher and examines how businesses can mitigate political risk and enhance peace in conflict and post-conflict zones. He also teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in Business Ethics and Social Responsibility, Negotiations, and Business Law.

John Grova, Consultant, OHCHR / Secretariat of the UN Working Group on Business and Human Rights and the UN Forum on Business and Human Rights

Adviser to the UN Working Group on Business and Human Rights and the annual UN Forum on Business and Human Rights.

Julia Smith-Omomo, Development Finance Expert, International Organization for Migration

Responsible for the technical aspects of implementing a matching grant fund for conflict affected businesses in Iraq, advisor on other quality and research issues related to livelihoods.

Dr. Yanto Chandra, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Is a pioneer in social research in conflict zones, with a focus on entrepreneurship. 

Mariwan Baker, Founder, Bring Hope Humanitarian Foundation

Is the founder of BringHope Humanitarian Foundation, focusing on livelihood development among refugees and IDPs.

Prof Adam Lindgreen, Copenhagen Business School  

Adam is a world leading expert in corporate social responsibility and sustainability, with recent applications to business in torn societies.

Razhan Omar, University of Kurdistan Hewler

Is an Iraqi researcher with experience in entrepreneurship, and social roles for female entrepreneurship.

Prof. Marc Orlitzky, University of South Australia

Marc is a thought-leader in corporate responsibility, with current working papers on cross-cultural entrepreneurship.

Zainab Ali, University of Kurdistan Hewler  

Is an EMBA student currently working on female entrepreneurship in post-conflict zones.

Sally Shamieh, Swiss Business School  

Sally is completing her DBA at the Swiss Business School on Critical Entrepreneurship Studies.  

Dr. Helen Borland, Aston University

Holds a focus on ecological sustainability, with current projects on business for peace. 

Yasmeen Hidmi, American University of Beirut  

Is an OSB graduate, currently working on research on business for peace.

Safeen Raouf, University of Kurdistan Hewler  

Is a project coordinator working in Iraq, with research experience in transformative entrepreneurship in conflict zones.

Fayeq Ali, Ishik University

Is a Research Assistant at Ishik University, Erbil, with a keen interest in entrepreneurship and business development.

Dalia Bedawed, University of Kurdistan Hewler  

Has worked extensively with INGOs such as UNIDO on livelihood development research.

Doaa Althalathini, Plymouth University

Doctoral researcher examining entrepreneurial resilience in conflict-affected countries.

Dr. Fahrettin Sumer, Associate Professor and Chair, American University of Iraq

Expert in various international relations classes at AUIS since 2012. Has has also been serving as the Chair of the Business Department since 2014. 

Hal Miran, CEO, MSelect

CEO of MSELECT, a staffing and training agency established in Iraq and operating throughout the Middle East. Host of BiteTech, a technology based start up in Erbil, Iraq.

Chloe Jacquin, Financial Education Coordinator, Positive Planet

Expert in implementing financial capability, entrepreneurship and micro-savings programs as well as monitoring and evaluation.

Karwan H. Sherwani, Head of Business Management Department, Ishik University

Karwan's role at the university is managing the Business and Management Department, and also teaching Business Management, Performance Management, and Entrepreneurship.