Business in Conflict Areas Research Group (BICAR) Welcome

​​​Business growth in conflict settings aids in rebuilding societies torn by war, providing goods and services, sustainable livelihoods, and fostering peace through economic and social development.

Focusing on small businesses within these settings ensures that profits and employment opportunities go to those most vulnerable, offering an indigenous solution to reduce poverty and promote peace in conflict-affected regions.

“BICAR" Arabic translation “Compass" - We provide direction, guidance and support for how to grow business in conflict-affected regions; helping to reduce poverty, foster peace to rebuild torn societies. Our vision:

The purpose of BICAR is to propagate the transformative role of business in conflict-affected regions.

As active consultants to the UN across the Levant, and thought leaders in the field; we promote ongoing collaboration with government, academia and the humanitarian sector to develop and enhance business-based livelihood support.