Business in Conflict Areas Research Group (BICAR) Conferences


​​​​​Business growth in conflict settings aids in rebuilding societies torn by war, providing goods and services, sustainable livelihoods for individuals, and fostering peace through economic and social development. 

“BICAR" Arabic translation “Compass" - We provide direction, guidance and support for how to grow business in conflict-affected regions; helping to reduce poverty, foster peace to rebuild torn societies. Our vision:

​​​​Business growth in conflict areas​

Job creation

Poverty Reduction ​ ​
Reestablishing supply routes
Service provision
Intergroup contact

Peacebuilding outcomes ​ ​
Non-violent motivations/actions
Financial relief


The purpose of BICAR is to propagate the transformative role of business in conflict-affected regions.

We assist in helping businesses survive during turmoil, assist fragile governments to support entrepreneurs, better equip NGOs with business-based livelihood support, and build future capacity through education and training.​​