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Agenda Big4&After

​​Phase 1 

​The first phase of the event is the registration phase, here participants shall register and form their teams on Moodle. Once registration is closed, teams must submit a short video which will be graded. The instructions for the video will be sent by email prior to the closing of registration.​

Phase 2

Teams will line up in front of their assigned stand (OSB, BIN, PwC, or EY) to be given their first riddle. In this portion of the event, the team must solve riddles that will lead them to locations on campus, in these locations they will be given other riddles along with letters (Moodle-based quiz) that test their knowledge on topics such as ethics, finance, economics, accounting, the big 4, and general knowledge. In one of the locations, rather than a letter the team will need to play a team-building activity. Once the teams have gone through the entire route and solved all the letters, they must go to Charles Hostler Student Center (CSCH) to begin the sports activities portion of the event.

Note: Teams will have one chance to solve the riddle and input their solution on Moodle, if they’re wrong the correct answer will be shown and points will be deducted from the team. 

This phase of the event pits the various teams against each other in sports activities. The activities will take place in the basketball courts of CSCH and the green field. Teams will compete in dodgeball, human tank, sheet volleyball, and skip rope. Teams will compete head-to-head under a points or time-based system. The sports activities are based on elimination, with the winning teams moving on to compete in the next activity. Once the sports activities have completed students will return to OSB for lunch.

Phase 3:

Throughout both Phase 1 and 2, teams were assigned points based on their performance in solving the riddles and letters as well as the points accumulated in the sports activities. For the first time in Big4&After history, rather than only having two teams move on to the next round, four teams will compete in a Jeopardy style game. The slates are swiped clean and the top two teams in this portion will progress to the head-to-head portion of the event.

This phase of the event will take place in the Maamari Auditorium in OSB, in attendance will be partners and representative from both EY and PwC as well as AUB staff. The teams that did not progress are welcome to attend the thrilling encounter between the remaining teams.

As always, the prize in the competition for the second placed team will be a guaranteed internship in the firm of their choosing between EY or PwC, and for the winning team a guaranteed job in either firm*.

* Terms & Conditions apply​​

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