Testimonials Big4&After

Karim Hammoud

"I would like to tell you that the big four competition was a huge success. My team and I really enjoyed the experience and appreciated the opportunity. However, as a full sophomore team we thought that we really had a disadvantage compared to juniors and seniors. As a whole, I think its an important event and we hope to participate in it next year.“ 

Ahmed Dhia Eddine Zitouni

“It was an amazing event! We discovered ourselves while discovering each other as teammates and friends. It was a great opportunity to leverage all that we've learned. We have explored multiple facets of creative thinking and rigid preparation. I thank all those who worked tirelessly on making such a well organized day. I will surely carry the memories of Big4&After deeply in my heart as a great part of my experience at OSB." 

Jad Abou Safa

“It was a brilliant day! It has truly put my love for accounting into perspective. I remember working tirelessly in preparation for this event. It was indeed a roller coaster of emotions and hard work that culminated in a great win. But the ultimate win was evidently the participation itself."

Yahya Othman

“The Big4&After is not only about Accounting and Audit. It is about collaboration where you are ready to give and receive constructive feedback. It is my honor and pleasure to be part of this big supportive family. Thank you for each one who contributed to have such a fruitful event that combines learning and fun. The mere fact that we were offered a chance to participate is a great testimony to the meticulous and honest preparation that went into the making of this day. It fills my heart with pride and joy that I have managed to harness my accounting abilities in such an amazing pursuit."  

Rayan Saab

“The Big4&After competition has become a part of my experience at OSB. Working with my team and having the spirit of competition is what drove me to be a part of such an event. It is an adventure that requires a lot of time investment before and during the competition. It has shown me the way of strategy and taught me to keep pushing because in the end perseverance always wins. I thank everyone who helped create and make this competition a long lasting memory." 

Sultan El Awar 

“I still remember when I was a sophomore and I decided to join the competition with no idea what Big4&After would be. And now, after 3 years of participation, I have to admit that this experience has allowed me to discover my capabilities, widened my perspectives and boosted my knowledge. Ultimately, this year was very special, where our hard work has paid off and we were able to reach the finals and guarantee an internship opportunity in one of the most prestigious accounting firms either EY or PWC. I believe that Big4&After experience will matter and last with me wherever I go and whatever I do."

Hisham Khrayzat

“It was a unique, fun though competitive experience. Big4&After is a crucial competition to incarnate both interpersonal and team-work skills. While the winning prize caught my eye, the challenge itself-solving the riddles and various accounting and finance tests-was also appealing. Meeting the friendly ushers and getting familiar with the companies' cultures were my pleasure. My participation in this competition last year was the motive to improve my performance this year as well as putting greater effort that resulted in high levels of achievement and reaching the final stage."

Noor Danash 

“Teamwork carves memories.My growth in this competition was not only academics, but much more! I learnt that even during competitions, collaboration and teamwork brings the best in results. My performance last year has been one of the motives to not give up and continue to participate this year and see how TogetherEveryoneAchievesMore. I would also like to express my gratitude to each one who contributed in this memorable event that I will always carry on."