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​​Our Open Enrollment Programs are designed for a diverse range of executives and high potentials. No matter what stage you are at in your career, participating in one of our programs will give you the skills, knowledge and – above all – the inspiration to maximize your impact in an uncertain world. Using a variety of teaching methods and tools, including coaching, mentoring, and cases, our faculty create a dynamic environment that challenges your thinking and enhances your leadership and management skills.

  • Leadership and Management
To be a great leader, you need to know how to inspire others and effectively manage teams. Through our leadership and management programs, we will help you adapt to an increasingly international environment and create value and growth for your organization.

  • Strategy
Setting and executing a sound strategy in this rapidly changing world is a main pillar of business success. Our Strategy Programs empower you with latest strategic concepts, tools and analytical strategies to achieve long-term business success. Through a combination of innovative tools and relevant research, our programs teach you the skills, knowledge and confidence to make strategy work by overcoming the barriers to execution, to achieve constructive, timely and sustainable change.

  • Marketing and Sales
With the rapidly evolving business challenges, competitive global markets, and customers’ high expectations, getting the attention of your customers is becoming a critical activity. Our Marketing & Sales programs prepare marketers and sales experts to shift their mindset and apply high impact strategies to deliver quick results, create value, and drive growth.

  • Finance
As the world economy becomes more global and increasingly disparate, it is essential for all executives to understand the many facets of finance in order to maximize value for their organizations. Through a faculty body that blends academic research with proven experience, our programs will improve your understanding of key financial elements of value-based management and empower you with powerful tools to aid analysis and decision making.

  • Entrepreneurship
Having the right skill-set is the foremost attribute required for the success of every entrepreneur in the contemporary global and competitive entrepreneurship environment. Your capacity to shape and manage a business venture needs to go hand-in-hand with your innovation and risk-taking spirit. Combining experiential and theoretical knowledge, our programs prepare you to embrace and excel in your entrepreneurial journey.

  • Family Business
The heart of entrepreneurship and the foundation of family businesses are built on a special kind of leadership. Entrepreneurship is at the core of every economy, with family firms making up two-thirds of all businesses in the world. As a family business transitions to the next generation of leaders, its success and continuity depend on the effectiveness of succession planning and the leadership of the next generation. Our programs in entrepreneurship and family business address multiple facets of leadership, strategy, governance, and organizational culture. Guided by experienced faculty, family business experts, entrepreneurs and scholarly practitioners, your learning journey will include interactive and dynamic sessions building on case studies and group discussions relevant to your context.

  • Specialized Focus
OSB Executive Education offers a variety of specialized programs such as aviation, leadership in an academic context, regional focused business, governance, supply chain management, big data analysis and digital transformation courses.

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