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“The Researcher” Series

Research Video​ (by Dr. Imad Bou-Hamad)

“The Researcher” is a series of weekly episodes featuring different AUB professors and expert researchers’ latest studies on select topics. The series is created and presented by Associate Professor at the Olayan School of Business at the American University of Beirut, Imad Bou Hamad, and featured on LBCI.

Corporate Finance 

Faculty Video | The higher the risk, the greater the return. Do you have what it takes? (by Dr. Salim Chahine)​

OSB Professor in Corpor​ate Finance, Salim Chahine introduced the various types of financing required by companies to sustain and grow, based on their lifecycle; and the dedication and practice required to become a successful finance expert, emphasizing​ the need to have an innovative spirit to make a difference. ​


Faculty VideoAccounting (by Dr. Moataz El Helaly)​


Accounting is the language of business.” OSB Associate Professor of Accounting, Moataz El Helaly explains the purpose of financial statements, the diverse group of stakeholders who have interests in financial statements, and the important role of accounting.

Operations Management and Decision Sciences

Faculty Video Operations management is at the heart of any organization as it generates, produces, and delivers products (by Dr. Lama Moussawi)​


OSB Tenured Associate Professor of Management Science, Lama Moussawi defines operations management and outlines the types of decisions made in managing operations, and the link between supply chain and operations management.​

Data Analytics

Faculty Video Data is knowledge, and knowledge is power (by Dr. Hoda Daou)​

Assistant Professor in Data Science and Business Analytics, Hoda Daou, describes the widespread sources and availability of data in this digital era that we live in, outlining how a data-driven revolution is changing the way businesses operate and creating new jobs, and how OSB is an enabler of this revolution.

Entrepreneurship and Family Business

Faculty VideoFamily businesses have historically been and continue to be the main engine driving the economy (by Dr. Georges Samara)​


Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship & Family Business, Georges Samara, points to how family businesses that once dominated the Lebanese and other economies need to remain entrepreneurial to continue to thrive.

Corporate Governance and Leadership

Faculty Video​ | (by Dr. Rida Elias)


Corporate governance impacts every organization. Big, medium, small, publicly held, privately owned or political. Assistant Professor of Management, Rida Elias, introduces corporate governance as needing the right leadership in its evolving role of bridging the gap between management and all its stakeholders, and impacting every type of organization. ​

Human Resources & Organizational Behaviour

Faculty VideoIn order for employees to perform at their best, they need much more than just a good salary (by Dr. Lina Daouk-Oyry)

Associate Professor of Organizational Psychology and Human Resources Management at OSB and Director of the Evidence-based Healthcare Management Unit (EHMU), Lina Daouk- Öyry, introduces the expanding roles of the Human Resources Department as a company’s strategic partner, to identify, attract and retain talent. ​

Women in Data Science (WIDS) @American University of Beirut

Research Video​


In March 2021, AUB hosted the annual live conference for “Women in Data Science”, featuring different talks and an expert panel with live presentations and engagement between top researchers and practitioners from Harvard, AUB, Facebook, Shopify, MBC Dubai, AllianceBlock, World Health Organization and Moderna. The talks discussed the following topics: “How businesses are reinventing themselves: learnings from lockdowns and the way forward”; “The critical role of data for better preparedness and response to epidemics: Lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic”; Pathogen sequencing; and “Big data to help a big problem: Use of real world data and bioinformatics to show effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines and track SARS-CoV-2 variants”. ​

Evidence-Based Healthcare Management Unit (EHMU)

Research VideoADILLA (أدلة) Management Mentorship Program in Evidence-based Management 2019 (by Dr. Lina Daouk-Öyry)​

​​​ADILLA (which means “evidence” in Arabic), is a three-day managerial capacity building program designed to offer state-of-the-art education and mentorship for hospital middle managers, in evidence-based healthcare management (EBMgt). The program is endorsed by the Ministry of Public Health Lebanon, and Lebanese Syndicate of Hospitals, the Order of Nurses Lebanon, and the Association for Academic Health Care Institutions (AAHCI). ADILLA program is designed to bring together teams of middle-managers from different hospitals and from different disciplines to work collaboratively under the guidance of mentors on real life managerial problems they are currently facing. It is designed around a case-based, problem-based, team-based, and of course evidence-based teaching and learning approach.

Evidence-Based Management in Hospital Settings

Research Video

This animated video presents a research study on competencies of managers who are evidence driven in their approach to management and decision making. The study was conducted by Associate Professor and Director of the Evidence-based Healthcare Management Unit (EHMU), Lina Daouk- Öyry and was published in the British Journal of Management​.

Adapting Team Training in Healthcare for Use Across Cultures - Published in BMJ Safety & Quality

Research Video​​


​When a training program works well in one culture, can we simply translate it and use it in other cultures? Not before adapting its content first! In this video, Dr. Lina Daouk-Oyry illustrates and narrates a summary of the paper "It's time to consider national culture when designing team training in healthcare" published in the British Medical Journal Safety and Quality, co-authored with Dr. Julie Rice, MD, and Dr. Eveline Hitti, MD, in which they explain WHY it is important to account for national culture and HOW to do so.​​

4 Management Tips for managing people in times of crises - Covid 19 & the Lebanese Economic collapse

Research Video

Associate Professor of Organisational Behaviour and Human Resources Management, Dr. Lina DAouk-Oyry, provides a summary of the four management tips described in the special article, “Human Resources Management during Crises: Lessons of the Lebanese Economic Crisis and the Corona Epidemic”, written by Professors Lina Daouk- Öyry and Yasmeen Makarem and published in the Harvard Business Review in 2020. ​

شو يعني تكنوقراط و ليه لوحدها ما بتكفي؟ | What are technocratic skills and why are they not enough?​

​Research Video​​

This video draws on data from personality research in the Arab world, on principals of work and organizational psychology, and on the concept of competency models to illustrate the hard (technocratic) and soft (fair mindedness, interpersonal competence, national vision, and courage) to illustrate the basic competencies that are needed in a government, particularly one that suffers from corruption, sectarianism and clientilism, such as the case of Lebanon. This video was designed in the early days of the Lebanese Thawra, after citizens started calling for a technocratic government. We believe that technocratic skills alone are not sufficient for better performance, and felt it was important to draw the attention of the public to that.

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