Apply Investment Management Program

​​​​Applying to the program

Enrollment in the program is open to students with a bachelor or master's in business. The possible acceptance of non-business students with relevant background and familiarity in the business field is subject to careful consideration upon application, and only a selective few are considered for acceptance on a yearly basis due to the competitive nature of the program.

Applicat​ions​ will be open from April 9, 2020 until May 10, 2020 for both undergraduate and graduate students.

Information session TBA.

After applying to the program, the applicant will be called for an interview. While a student's academic performance and cumulative GPA is one criterion that will be used in the selection process, the interview essentially aims at assessing discipline, commitment, professionalism, and most importantly, the candidate's character and passion for a career in Investment Management.

For questions regarding the program, kindly e-mail