OSB Accounting Night calculated as a success

​The first ever Accounting Night held on February 1 tallied rave reviews from OSB business students who attended. Two guest speakers, Samer Jabre from PwC and Bilal Ghattis from Lead Associates, presented valuable information about the importance of accounting as a bridge to other careers such as Consultancy and Finance.

During a break between activities, the speakers answered student questions and networked with faculty members. “Interacting with the speakers, who were young and talking about their own experience, made us feel as if we were looking into our own future," commented Luna Raad.

Participants played board and other games to vie for a full day shadow opportunity with the Big 4 accounting firms. “I appreciate the work of our teachers who gave us this opportunity to learn about each other, network with students and friends, and listen to the experience of alumni who went through what we will soon," noted Lynn Abdo. “It is an encouraging event especially for those seeking for a concentration in accounting or finance, and a shadow day will help give the participants a good start for their career."

Inas Khochman said the accounting night “was very fun and educationally fruitful. I would love to attend one again!"

“I am looking forward to the next accounting night," agreed participant Aya Grace Alto. “The atmosphere was friendly and I really had a good time with the speakers and other OSB students."

Raad summed up the evening with her observation that “it made us see a new side of the world of accounting - it's more than just numbers. Accounting can be fun, beneficial and educational all at once. It was an amazing experience and gave me a new interest in accounting. “ ​