Projects and Initiatives Center for Inclusive Business and Leadership for Women

​​​​​​​KIP Index Project

The first local data-driven index capturing nuances and heterogeneity of the situation of women in Arab MENA economies and translating multi-lingual knowledge into a measurable set of dimensions Description

Aims: Providing regional employers with locally generated and regionally-informed knowledge on specific strategies; Improving Recruitment, Retention, and Promotion of women into the Formal Economy; and Improving women's lives (freedom, choice, survival) through access to wages (monetary) and to other resources.

Funder: MEPI, US State Department. 1,500,000 USD​.

​Secure Work

Grounded in Women's ExperiencesEvidence-based Policy ReformsProducing Accessible KnowledgeEmployers Improve the Systems

Our Targets

  • 11 countries and country partners
  • A network of 2,200 organizations
  • 1650 companies
  • Employers of women
  • 82,500 women
  • 16-18 million formally employed women​

If you can't measure it, you can't change it​