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​The year at a glance

The year 2018 has been full of accomplishments in line with our mission to “enable world-class business research, learning and knowledge transfer from OSB's authoritative anchor point within the MENA region". This mission speaks to the high quality we expect of both the research and learning activities, our foothold to the region, and to ensuring that the research is effectively shared with the various stakeholders. 

On all these fronts, we are making continuous progress each year, especially in 2018, building additional strengths on top of existing strengths. More than half of all journal publications are in top quartile journals (e.g., Scopus rankings), many of these are focused on business (e.g., Corporate finance in MENA) and societal dynamics (e.g., Women in business in MENA) directly relevant to the region, and the impact is both widespread and deep (e.g., affecting national policy and legislation). 

The research produced by our faculty has been ranked independently as the highest quality in the region, and we have won international awards for the research as both a collective faculty and among several researchers. The total output is deceiving given our relatively compact faculty size, but we stand out nonetheless and become doubly impressive when per capita measures are considered.

In 2018, OSB won the WRDS-SSRN Innovation Award for the Europe, Middle East, and Asia region awarded at the AACSB EMEA annual conference in Paris. The award is supported by Wharton Data Services and Elsevier Publishing based on their own analyses to identify emerging business schools that produce exceptional data-driven research. To stand out among so many schools in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia is truly inspiring for us as we continue to build our strengths in research. It is particularly noteworthy that this recognition was unsolicited, independent and data-driven.

Already in 2019, our initial indicators tell a positive trajectory in our research impact. I am confident that OSB will continue to stand out among its peers reflecting our passion for producing, not only research that is up to international standards but one that produces a real impact on this region and beyond.

- Dean Steve Harvey -

Research publications