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Operations research and analytics - Imad Bou-Hamad

Bou-Hamad, I., Anouze, A. L., & Larocque, D. (2017). An integrated approach of data envelopment analysis and boosted generalized linear mixed models for efficiency assessment. Annals of Operations Research, 253(1), 77-95.

Researchers propose a hybrid framework of DEA and boosted generalized linear mixed models (GLMMs) for studying the organizational performance. The proposed approach accounts for the interdependence problem and produces more accurate inferences and prediction. It also carries out variable selection for the most relevant predictors of performance. The framework is tested with a sample of banks from MENA countries. Empirical results shed light on some predictors that bank managers should pay attention to when measuring bank performance.

Corporate finance - Mai Daher

Daher, M. (2017). Creditor control rights, capital structure, and legal enforcement. Journal of Corporate Finance, 44, 308-330.

Data from 28 countries indicate that, following covenant violations, creditors significantly reduce the availability of credit, more so when corruption levels are high. In other words, when creditors do not trust the contracting environment in which they are operating, they take severe action to protect their claims, action that could be detrimental to private sector development. This raises important policy implications for the governments and central banks of developing countries to work on improving country-level institutional quality and to find alternate means of financing.

Women and work - Charlotte Karam, Fida Afiouni

Karam, C. M., & Afiouni, F. (2017). Women and the legitimization of (not) engaging in paid work: logics from Lebanon. Career Development International, 22(6), 628-658.

Authors explore how context, namely engrained patriarchy at multiple levels, shapes women’s perceptions of paid work opportunities and limitations. Interviews with Lebanese women spread across different socio-economic strata revealed that many women experience active and ongoing discouragement with regards to paid work opportunities, which leads them to quit work. It is therefore important to build a more supportive legal and regulatory frameworks to increase women’s access to work, freedom and control over self, developing social media campaigns and school curricula to change attitudes around the subordination of women, providing women with access to business networks, and creating zero-tolerance policies against gender discrimination and harassment in workplaces and in public spaces.

Acquisitions and social media - Mohamad Mazboudi, Samer Khalil

Mazboudi, M., & Khalil, S. (2017). The attenuation effect of social media: Evidence from acquisitions by large firms. Journal of Financial Stability, 28, 115-124.

The research suggests that managers of large firms have incentives to announce their acquisitions on social media, Twitter in particular, to quickly reduce information asymmetry with investors and, as a result, attenuate the anticipated negative reaction by investors. In addition, the authors suggest that Twitter has become an important investor relation channel and that managers can use this new channel to enhance stability in their firms’ stock prices.

Social performance in family firms - Georges Samara, Dima Jamali

Samara, G., Jamali, D., Sierra, V., & Parada, M. J. (2017). Who are the best performers? The environmental social performance of family firms. Journal of Family Business Strategy.

In this article, the authors accord special attention to the peculiarities of family firms to explore optimal governance configurations that can catalyze their environmental social performance. Results indicate that when the family owns 100% of the business and when family involvement in management is high, the presence of a mix of outside directors and family members on the board is essential to increase environmental social performance. However, when family involvement in management is low and when first generation members are still involved in the business, family members may be better suited to sit on the board than outside directors to increase the family business environmental social performance.

Work on refugees - Hounaida El Jurdi

Marrying her academic research in Middle Eastern consumer culture with her humanitarian interests, Dr. Jurdi has researched female refugees in the Bekaa Valley to study how they “consumed for hope.” In researching this question, she found that the majority of women did not consume for themselves, but for their children. Learn more>>

Crisis communication - Nadine Yehya

Catalytic defiance as a crisis communication strategy: The risk of pursuing long-term objectives Nadine A. Yehya & W. Timothy Coomb.

Dr. Yehya studied Dairy Khoury’s, a medium-sized family dairy in Lebanon, response to the product harm crisis through an examination of the communication strategies used to address internal and external stakeholders. Findings showed that the company opted to defend its reputation and clarify the misunderstanding using catalytic defiance, a long-term crisis response strategy. Analysis also provide insight regarding the risks and benefits of pursuing long-term versus short-term strategies during crisis recovery and shed light on the dynamics of crisis management in family businesses.

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