CSR Center Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative

AUB‘s Suliman S. Olayan School of Business is planning to develop a distinctive knowledge/action center that proactively enhances the role of businesses in societies around the Middle East region. In the Middle East, the need for CSR awareness and adoption is immense, especially given this unique time in histroy of the region. The Arab Spring is brining about socio-political changes in the region that convey a hunger for democracy and sustainable patterns of developmen anchored in the principles of social justice and participation to benefit the vulnerable, the poor, the marginalized, and the wider population. It is hence a timely opportunity for catalyzing private secotr engagement through CSR. 

In light of these regional changes and because of the critical role that businesses can play in the welfare, stability, and economic development of the region, the Center for CSR Excellence at OSB is the tool that will leverage OSB’s strengths and build capacity for effective CSR in the region: 


The Center will design and deliver short courses and coaching seminars for senior managers interested in the development, refinement, and institutional of CSR practices within their organizations. 

Market-Making and knowledge Sharing

The Center will serve as a credible point of reference; catalyzing debates, dialogue, exchange and relevant/up to date communication regarding best practices in relation to CSR as well as their application in the region. 

Applied Research​​​

The Center will collect and summarize existing regional data as well as develop robust regional data sets to inform CSR implementation, especially in areas that characterize the region such as SMEs and family enterprise, NGOs, and religion. ​