Videos Women in Data Science (WiDS) Conference @AUB


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  • ​Conference Highlights

  • WiDS @AUB 2019 Welcome Remarks by Lama Moussawi, PhD, WiDS@AUB Conference Chair and Ambassador, Associate Professor of Management Science| AUB OSB

  • WiDS AUB 2019 Welcome by AUB President Fadlo R. Khuri, MD 

  • WiDS AUB 2019 Welcome by OSB Dean Steve Harvey, PhD

  • WiDS @AUB Overview by Hoda Daou, PhD, WiDS@AUB Ambassador Assistant Professor of Data Science |AUB OSB

  • Keynote Address by Cassie Kozyrkov, PhD, Chief Decision Scientist| Google; On “Making Data Science Useful"


Track 1 - Data Science in Business

  • Tech Talk by Becky Tucker, PhD, Senior Data Scientist |Netflix; On “Where Have I Seen This Before? Building Data Science Intuition"


  • Tech Talk by Maryam Fazel-Zarandi, PhD, Machine Learning Scientist| Amazon (Alexa); On “Conversational AI: Speech based Virtual Assistants"

  • Tech Talk by Laura Chaibi, Head of Market Intelligence and Syndicate Digital Data| MBC; On “Working in Digital: Finding Human Behaviour"


  • Tech Talk by Dana Sarkis Head of Marketing Science & Growth Strategy| Hearts & Science; On “New Business Order: Data –Technology – Transformation"

  • Track I: Data Science and Business Q&A 


  • Panel: Integrating Data Science into the Business: Strategy and Solutions


  • Track 2 – Digital Healthcare and AI


  • Tech Talk by Maria Gabrani Manager, Cognitive Healthcare and Lifesciences| IBM; On “From Evidence Based Medicine to Precision Medicine, Predictive Medicine and Disease Management"


  • Tech Talk by Jutta Williams, Senior Program Manager| Google AI; On “What We've Learned So Far That Will Drive Future Innovation"


  • Tech Talk by Leela Vaughn, Sales/Product Manager| Epic; On “Inside Scoop on Epic"


  • Tech Talk by Jumana Antoun, MD, Associate Professor of Clinical Specialty| AUBMC; On “AUBMC Epic Implementation: Road to Physician and Patient Empowerment"


  • Track II: Digital Healthcare & AI Q&A