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They Have Names

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​In the wake of the devastating onslaught on Gaza, countless ​civilians have tragically lost their lives. While statistics can convey the magnitude of loss, they can inadvertently reduce the individual lives to mere numbers. At the Palestine Land Studies Center, we firmly believe in the power of names — each representing a unique story, a family, dreams, and roots that trace back to specific villages. Thro​ugh our initiative, "THEY HAVE NAMES," we aim to humanize each individual affected by this tragedy by remembering and honoring their names.

Join us as we embark on this crucial journey to remember, recognize, and respect the lives and heritage of those who are no longer with us. Your support can ensure that their legacies, stories, and connections to their ancestral lands continue to inspire and serve as a beacon of hope for a more peaceful tomorrow.​

Our Objectives​

  • Document & Archive: Create a comprehensive and searchable database of names and their associated villages, allowing anyone from anywhere to learn more about the individuals behind the numbers and their roots.
  • Trace Origins: Map out the villages and towns of each individual, providing a deeper understanding of their heritage and connection to the land.
  • Raise Awareness: Highlight the stories of the individuals, putting a spotlight on the human side of the conflict, and the rich history of their origins.
  • Educate & Inform: Organize webinars, workshops, and lectures focusing on the stories behind each name and the villages they hail from, to foster understanding and empathy.
  • Community Engagement: Encourage the global community to participate by sharing stories, photos, memories, and historical accounts of the villages, ensuring that these names, and their legacies, live on.

Disclaimer: The data provided has been sourced from activists based in Gaza. The Palestine Land Studies is committed to updating this information regularly to ensure its accuracy and relevance. For any inquiries, suggestions, or further clarifications, please contact us at​

​​Primary Data​​

How to Help

Submit a Name and Village: If you have knowledge of an individual who has lost their life and their family's village of origin, help us by providing their details.

Share Stories: If you knew someone personally or have a poignant memory associated with a name or a village, please share with us. Your stories will help bring life to these names and places.

Spread the Word: Share our initiative on social media, within your community, and with anyone who might be interested in joining us.

Volunteer: We are always in need of passionate individuals to help us archive, write, research, and maintain this initiative. If you can volunteer some time, we would greatly appreciate your support.

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