Policy Development


Policy Owner/Champions are expected to utilize the appropriate template for University-wide policies or other policy documents such as Bylaws, Guidelines, Manuals, Procedures, etc.

Policy Template (download Policy_Template.docx): Use this template for University-wide policies. A policy is a high-level overall plan outlining the general goals and acceptable procedures of an administrative/academic unit or any general university-wide operation with intentions to influence and determine decisions, actions, and other matters.

Template for Other Policy Documents (download Template_for_Other_Policy_Documents.docx): Use this template for all other policy document types such as bylaws, guidelines, manuals, procedures, etc.


Request to Develop, Revise, or Revoke a University-Wide Policy Document (download Request_for_New_or_Revised_Policy.docx): When the need for a new or revised policy is identified, the Policy Owner/Champion must submit this form electronically to the Policies and Procedures Review Committee.

Minor Amendment or Reclassification Notification (download Minor Amendment.docx): This form is to be used for minor amendments to policy documents or reclassification of policy documents as non-university-wide policies.

Comprehensive Policy Review Notification​ (download Comprehensive_Policy_Review.docx): Policy Owners are responsible for ensuring a comprehensive review at least every three years. This form should be submitted electronically by the Policy Owner/ Champion to the Executive Sponsor of the policy, and to the Policies and Procedures Review Committee by the due date of the Comprehensive Policy Review. As a courtesy, Policy Owners will be notified in advance of upcoming comprehensive review deadlines.​


Minor Amendment: A modification that does not otherwise affect document content, such as a change to a title, name, contact information, location, format, order of information, hyperlink, or form associated with the policy document.

Non-University-Wide Policy: A policy that is limited in its scope and application and does not have broad impact on the university community (for example, policies specific to units, faculties/schools, departments, or the medical center).