Physical Plant  


    The Physical Plant Department strives to provide an environment that promotes the highest standards of excellence in support of learning, teaching, living and working for our students, faculty, and staff. Our goal is to provide support services that will enhance college programs and support the overall mission of the university. Physical Plant Department is responsible for the maintenance and operations of campus utilities, buildings and grounds.​


    • After Hour Services
    • Air Conditioning Maintenance
    • Cleaning/Custodial Services


    • Commitment to Energy Conservation at AUB
    • Report any building or equipment deficiency to PPD Help Desk at 2015, or send an e-mail to​ with ideas on how​ to minimize our campus energy and water consumptions.


  • Submit Service Request: Call PPD Help Desk at extension 2015 or use the web enabled Work Request Form for all routine maintenance works and email it to​