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​​On-Line Work Request ​

In Case of Emergency: Electrical short circuit, water flood, gas leakage, fire and any hazardous situation - Call PPD Help Desk immediately at extension 2015.

Quick Repairs / Work Orders: Doors sticking, plumbing problems, broken glass, burn-out light bulbs, heating or air-conditioning needs, carpet stains, broken curtains or repairs to classroom/office furniture or fixtures, electrical problems, touch up painting…

AUB Staff / Faculty:
Issue a work order via INFOR EAM using the following web portal:​ using your PC log in username and password. Check PPD Help Desk for Guidelines on EAM

Send an email to Physical Plant Helpdesk stating the problem description, building, floor and room:

Online Service Request

Minor/major renovation of offices, classrooms, labs, faculty housing, infrastructure, non-routine works, classroom/office/labs painting, new office/classroom custom made furniture, partitioning, new electrical power network, new UPS installation…

AUB staff/faculty:
Send an email to Physical Plant Helpdesk: asking for cost estimation for the project, then issue a Service Request Online via ORACLE eBusiness suite following the below procedure:

  • Click “AUB I procurement”​
  • Click “Non Catalogue request”
  • Enter “Item Description”
  • Enter “Quantity”: 1
  • Enter “Unite Price” (As per the Estimation provided by PPD Engineer)
  • Click “Add to Cart”
  • Click “View Cart and Check Out” (on the right side)
  • Enter “Inventory Item”: No
  • Click “Check Out”
  • Deliver to location box insert: “SRV-PPD” (to send it to Physical Plant)
  • Click “Submit”