Faculty Development
  • ​​​​​​AUB currently offers various types of development and research funding designed to meet the needs of faculty members at different stages of their careers.

    ​​​Seed grants for newly appointed faculty have been migrated from the University Research Board to the deans’ offices. This adjustment recognizes that the dean and department involved in an appointment are best placed to assess the requirements of new recruits. Incoming faculty are advised to discuss start-up funding with the dean of the faculty/school prior to signing employment contracts.

    Faculty development grants are now administered by the academic deans. AUB offers two types of development grants to full-time faculty to support their growth as researchers. Short-term grants (maximum seven days) support travel by faculty members presenting research results at international conferences, symposia, or meetings. Long-term grants (2-8 weeks) support faculty travelling to conduct research during the summer months.

    The University provides faculty research grants of up to $10,000, which are awarded competitively to individual faculty or groups of AUB scholars. The total annual budget of about $950,000 is dispensed by the provost on the basis of awards decided by the University Research Board. Full information on how to apply for a faculty research grant appears on the website of the Office of Grants and Contracts (OGC).

    Faculty may also apply for paid research leaves according to the policies and procedures appearing in the Faculty Manual​, Chapter Three (Benefits), Section 1.H.  ​​