• December, 2018 · With the sincere dedication, efforts and support of the Diana Tamari Sabb​agh Foundation, the Hariri School of Nursing, and the Office of the Vice President for Regional External Programs, the 20th DTSF-MS WSs training activities in ER care, and Critical care offered to Nursing staff from Hospitals in the West Bank, were successfully concluded at AUBMC. Simultaneously, and for the first time a WS activity in Hemodialysis was also conducted and supported by Juzoor in the West Bank.
  • November, 2018 · Zanzibar Presidential delegation, represented by the Minister of Education and Vocational Training, Vice Chancellor of the State University of Zanzibar, Principal Secretary of Ministry of Education, Executive Secretary of Zanzibar Planning Commission, and the Representative from the Zanzibar President 's Office, visited AUB today to discuss future collaboration with REP office to provide them with technical assistance, consulting, and potential training.
  • Launc​hing Online Journalism Program​ - برنامج تدريب لصحافيين عاملين في مناطق مغلقة.​
  • AUB REP recently signed an MoU with the Union of Arab Banks for joint efforts in professional development and executive education for the banking sector in the MENA region.
  • AUB REP successfully completed the Leaders for Democracy Fellowship Program 2018 Cohort.
  • Education Across Borders: Organic Chemistry Competition in Sudan (OC2-AUW)​