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​Course Description

Leadership absence continues to escalate, as do employee turnover statistics, in industries across the board. Each and every day good employees quit their employers for better boss/leader elsewhere, following the saying “it is always greener on the other side’. Successful organizations realize that Effective Leadership is integral to sustaining and even improving their position in the marketplace. This program is designed to deliver the set of skills that complement each other and help successful leaders become even more successful and ready to be completely self-managed, to lead teams effectively and to achieve aspired professional goals. Attendees of this program are already successful leaders, and this program will introduce new approaches and frameworks that have proven positive impact through academic researches and from practical experience.​​​

Course Benefits

Participants will gain helpful, practical and proven skills to handle current market challenges against which most organizations fail because of lack of such leadership skills. AUB CEC, together with the Program Facilitator, invested substantial time and efforts to craft this program leveraging professional experience and academics. = to pass the following to the attendees:

  • Work with others to achieve your goals faster than the usual
  • Communicate simply and influence effectively aiming for win-win results through leadership
  • Build high-performing culture and teams within your organization
  • Resolve Conflicts and Manage change

Course Target Group

C-level, Senior and Mid-Managers, striving for further growth and success.​

Course Modules

1.  Leadership Dashboard - The “Identity” & The “Role"
Prepare relevant personal ​challenges
 Book: Find your why​
2. Influence - The “Science" & The “Art"Prepare relevant personal challenges​
3.  Teams - The “Unity" & The “Performance"Prepare relevant personal challenges
 Book: The Power of Habit
4.  Leading - The “Up” & The “Down"Prepare relevant personal challenges
5.  Transformation - The  “Current” & The “New"Prepare relevant personal challenges
6.  Power Base - The “Power” & The “Base"Prepare relevant personal challenges
 Book: How to make friends and influence them​
7.  Strategies - The “Conflict” & The “Resolution"Prepare relevant personal challenges
8. Memorable - The “Executive” & The “Presence"​Prepare relevant personal challenges​

Course Instructional Methodology

In this program, I will be running 5-hour workshop per module; it will be interactive including videos, exercises, lectures, illustrations, case studies, role-plays and templates to work on.

Each module will introduce the relevant frameworks, and will identify the skills which are the building blocks to acquire the needed competencies. Cases studies, best practices and learning will be shared to reflect.  Attendees will be requested to share their personal stories for discussion among the attendees. Relevant videos will be shared to understand how successful leaders overcome their challenges to achieve their goals.​

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