Aviation Management Certificate


​The objective of this program is to provide participants with thorough grounding in aviation-related topics which are management, operation and regulation. ​The courses are carefully selected to equip the participants with the skills required to pursue a successful career in various sectors of the aviation industry.​

Course Description

  • CAVM 101 Air Transport Fundamentals

This course Studies how the air transportation system relates to airlines, airports, Civil Aviation Authorities (CAAs) and Air Navigation Services (ANS). 

  • CAVM 102 Aviation Policy and Regulation

Students obtain the necessary skills to understand and manage civil aviation policy and regulation. 

  • CAVM 103 Aviation Operations Management

This course strengthens students’ understanding of the key airline and airport management principles by drawing on the best practices shared by industry experts. 

  • CAVM 104 Aviation Safety Management Systems

This course will help learners understand the function, role and importance of developing and implementing a Safety Management System (SMS). ​

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