Important Forms

This document contains the main information that students will need to register for courses.

Below are the links to forms for grievance:

This form guides the student in providing information that will be needed to resolve the grievance. Please provide all names, dates, and facts pertinent to the complaint and attach additional pages to the form as needed. Grievances must be filed within 30 calendar days from the date when the problem or dispute first arose. Please retain a copy of the form and supporting documentation as submitted. For more details please check AUB’s Grievance Policy and Procedures.​

When issues arise, students should make every attempt to find a fair and reasonable solution through the institution’s internal complaint procedure, which is required by ACCET and frequently requires the submission of a written complaint. Refer to the institution’s written complaint procedure which is published in the institution’s catalog or otherwise available from the institution, upon request. Note that ACCET will process complaints which involve ACCET standards and policies and, therefore, are within the scope of the accrediting agency.​​